The AF is a medium format SLR camera made in Japan by Mamiya, the company’s first auto-focus camera. It was released in Japan in. Mamiya AFd III combines 35mm handling ease and speed with the advantages of 3x larger image size. The AFd III is part of Mamiya’s SLR systems. Your Mamiya AFDIII is designed for heavy professional use and will give you a long Congratulations on your purchase of the Mamiya AFD III. Camera.

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The ammiya few times I picked it up, the motor drive withered away and I unfortunately had no other way to advance the film. And so it began.

The film back 6445afd the AF is superficially similar to that for the earlier M Super ; it is a detachable chamber, with a metal dark slideinto which a film insert comprising a pair of spool-holders with a pressure plate and rollers can be fitted.

Gadgets by Gordon Gottsegen Nov 19, Retrieved from ” http: As at autumnthe list of lenses available was as follows. I especially appreciate the supplementary illustrations, which are expertly produced and calibrated to complement the text.

The real turning point was when I re-visited Hasselblad and Mamiya websites and saw the comparison images between pro dslrs and pro medium format digital cams.

The lenses attach on the AF bayonet mount in the same way as with the previous mount, by aligning the lens with the red spot on the body mamiiya twisting to fasten the bayonet.

Mobile Accessories by Joshua Goldman Nov 5, Located on the left side of the body: The Lense is Iiii Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Be the first to review this item. If you want to try Medium Format, this is the best stepping stone I can think of.


And the Glass is Clean and Clear with no There is a very accurate focusing indicator in the viewfinder. The Mamiya AFD and its siblings are workhorses of cameras. He is a firm believer in printing, shooting film and digital, and the power of photography.

An Owner’s Review of the Mamiya 645AFD

Is the “full frame” or MF really better quality than “crop” frame or is it the bigger view finder and build quality and higher price makes a photographer think the quality is better? The Pentax got me mmiya nickname “shaky” with the mirror bounce at sync speed. I cannot find anything that I do not ma,iya with this camera or that I feel would improve on its design. Accepts film and compatible digital backs. Autofocus is definitely a touchy subject for this camera.

For more information, go here. Top Photo and Printing Posts of — andvisitors! There is mamiua a socket on the left side of the body for electronic releases, including remote ones. I recently started re-looking at the medium format, both mamia film and for digital, and was shocked at the difference in quality from the larger format.

The lens has no haze, no fungus, no separation, and no scratches. Terminal On side of body works with remote triggering devices and electromagnetic cable releases Cable Release: Autofocus, 6 x 4.

Mamiya AFD III Medium Format user reviews : 3 out of 5 – 0 reviews –

It’s way out of my price range, though. Everything is overall in excellent condition. Mostly that’s possible as long as you’re willing to make the effort to learn some MF quirks like how to load the film magazine I shoot film with it for now, but being able to add a digital back was one of the main attractions for me and the long strips your slides come back in from the lab.

Mobile Accessories by Joshua Goldman Dec 19, Automatic via built-in motor, single or continuous exposures 2 frames per second with new HM Roll Film Magazine. This is clearly a pro-level camera, robust materials and construction.


Mamiya 645 afd

Kendrick Howard – January 24, I just got the Rz67 pro 2 and from the first roll I got back I could tell the difference in fall off and tonal 645af for lack of a better description I especially notice it on the background even on a jpeg scan there may be more at play there. Mamiya has since gone into close partnership with Phase One. For those looking for the maximum resolution, slow speed black and white and just about any slide film will look amazing through this camera once properly scanned.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Film Back Frame Size. I ended up buying a beat up Mamiya Super instead. Rather than a one-stop shift in each direction, this function now selects the highest shutter speed possible P Hor the smallest possible aperture P Lfor a mqmiya metered EV value.

I hope to pick one up again someday. I traded my RB years ago for the The camera uses a through-the-lens phase-difference detection auto-focus method.

In-studio it is, in a word, stunning. First of all, it delivers great dynamic range, color depth and depth of field not comparable to even high end 35mm DSLRs.

Mamiya Afd: Cameras & Photo | eBay

Photos can be taken at a rate of 1. A Polaroid back also mamoya. Olloclip has new pro and entry-level lenses for your phone One of the top names in phone camera lenses now has options for those who shoot a little or a lot. Edward Porter – January 24, I’m happy you found a camera that works for you, but I don’t understand this statement: The camera has a focal-plane shutter with aluminium blinds that travel vertically.