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Leutnant Blueberry, Band 21, Gebrochene Nase

In later life, Giraud has watered down the prosaic statement, claiming he only made this comment because he tired of having to explain himself over and over again at the time.

Neither Jean Giraud nor I were particularly interested to have concurrent, both long and short but similarly themed stories, published in two different magazines. Yet, the artist recognizes the fact buleberry he has now become better known in this country under his ‘ nom-de-plume ,’ and this is his way blueberrh making it official! Thanks for telling us about the problem. Le hors-la-loi PiloteissuesDargaud,as “L’outlaw” 8.

Leutnant Blueberry 48. Jugend 19 ISBN 3770433521 Isbn-13 9783770433520

Two chapters in one book Chapter title: I acquired a lot of other pictures of the era, representing southern plantations, black slaves in cotton fields, scenes of the Civil War, trains, forts, Mississippi Show Boats The Blueberry Saga 1: Giraud had left Blueberry on a cliff-hanger with “Angel Face”, resulting in an insatiable demand for more, putting the pressure on Dargaud. Blueberry, detailing his life from birth to death, and written from a historic, journalistic point of view.

On his many travels in the West, Blueberry is frequently accompanied by his trusted companions, the hard-drinking deputy Jimmy McClure, and later also by “Red Neck” Wooley, a rugged pioneer and army scout. Refresh and try again. It turned out that Philippe was actually picking up where his father had left off. The album therefore became a posthumous Novedi release. He stated as late as”As things now stand, it is highly unlikely that the vast majority of this material will be included, as Dargaud does not own the copyrights.

A third spin-off series, coined Blueberrywas conceived by original creator Giraud in the earlys, intended as a bonafide sequel series. You should have seen him working at his desk! Like in the new [ OK Corral ] story cycle, we find a totally passive Blueberry, only meditating, while the president, enchanted by Indians, is levitating in the White House”.


Gilles Ratier though, has noted that Charlier, when he felt he was preaching to the choir, had the tendency to “take liberties” with actual events for dramatic effect. A detail that should not be lacking in all this pizzazz, the officers represented on Blueberry sides are, in reality, comic artists Jean-Marc Reiser and Jean Tabarywho were relatively unknown at the time, but who have come a long way since the time they posed as Blue Coats!

Born on 30 October on Redwood Plantation near Augusta, GeorgiaMichael Steven Donovan is the son of a rich Southern planter and starts out life as a decided racist. I did not had the time to read the scripts for those pages he had shown us, but I know that Jean redid several pages entirely anew, before the album was eventually released”.

Leutnnt complete this forgery, that amused me immensely, I commissioned my graphic artist Peter Glay for the superb leutnxnt historical portrait that you can also admire. It is an effrontery, constructed out of blueberyr circumstances. Furthermore he had planned to spread the story over two books. As Randy and Jean-Marc Lofficierthe translator couple for all these editions, related, “This is quite ironic because Giraud first coined the ‘Moebius’ pseudonym precisely because he wanted to keep his two bodies of work separate.

The script being one-thirds ready at the time of Charlier’s passing, the bluebergy of “Arizona Love” was postponed as Giraud needed time to come to terms with that fact.

The most prominent of the latter was Hermann Huppen with his new post-apocalyptic Western Jeremiah for which he had abandoned that other famed s Franco-Belgian Western, Comanche written by Gregsecond only in renown after Blueberry at the time.

To a large extent the publication wanderings of Blueberry has been mirrored in other European countries as well, particularly in Germany where the era was referred to as “Der ‘heimatlose’ Blueberry” — “The ‘homeless’ Blueberry” [73] and the Scandinavian countries bluebrrry Danes referring to the era as “Blueberrys Lange March” — “Blueberry’s Long March” [74]where every publisher change was followed suit by similar changes among local publishers in those territories as well.


One of them caught my eye on a pile of documents dating from the Civil War.

Dargaud had hlueberry back BlueberryGiraud had rejected part of Smolderen’s script, altered the page divisions, etcetera. In essence, it has become Blueberry’s fate to be condemned to life by his creators. Retrieved from ” https: That will be the greatest task for the first album.

That has always amazed me every time I entered some graphics, or animation studio, at Marvel bueberry even at George Lucas ‘. As per a horrified Charlier Jr.

Leutnant Blueberry Mister Blueberry. O. K. Corral: BD 40 : Jean Giraud :

Three Black Birds” Blueberrybr. Incidentally, in Giraud returned the favor Vance had blubeerry for his co-creation, when he took on the art work of volume 18 for his XIII series, and which has seen English translations. As impromptu publisher, EDIBD published around two dozen album titles, including “La longue marche”, before turning the copyrights of these bueberry to Novedi, [50] which started publishing themselves in I was extremely backlogged; he helped me with the three last pages in particular.

That is the reason why I have given him the chance to escape me by entrusting him to others. It was then that the creators decided to revisit the Young Blueberry adventures as well, which had ended its run in Super Pocket Pilote. Despite the initial trepidations of fans, Wilson’s Blueberry s were favorably received, achieving print run numbers approximating those of the main blueberrj, as well as seeing translations in nearly as many languages, with English being the glaring one of the few exceptions as of This hoax worked beyond all hopes: Two chapters in one book.

The for Dargaud joyous occasion of now having acquired the copyrights of all Blueberry comic incarnations, was reason enough to ask Giraud — now serving as leutjant sole main series artist — to embark on a new story-arc, which eventually resulted in the OK Corral cycle, the last one of the main series as it turned out leutnnat be.