The Secret of Wilhelm Storitz has ratings and 29 reviews. Luís said: Here is a beautiful story of adventure both surprising and very playful, the gre. The Secret of Wilhelm Storitz. The First English Translation of Verne’s Original Manuscript. Jules Verne. Translated and edited by Peter Schulman. These reviews are for various editions of: “The Secret of Wilhelm Storitz”.

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Fortunately, it’s an interesting story in some ways quite typical of Jules Verne and this tele-version is an entertaining adaptation of the original Use the HTML below. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Do you read synopsis on a back or a cover of book? Evert Eliasson rated it liked it Aug 09, But with the The Secret of Wilhelm Storitzthey would be wrong. To make matters worse, the contract was found torn to pieces and the bride’s wreath lifted itself and hovered mysteriously in the air, ensuing panic among the people at the party.

Regrettably, this low-budget production never delves into the consequences of invisibility. In fact, one of his misdeeds might shock even the modern reader. This synopsis reflects the TV adaptation, rather than the story. Sep 13, Steve Joyce rated it it was amazing. It’s tremendous that this story has finally seen the full light of day.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

Just don’t in this case. Works by Jules Verne. I’ll rate this slow-paced production 5 out of It is always the bad guy who gets to be invisible, and this one is no exception.


Hungarians are portrayed as being prone toward superstition, far more ready to accept supernatural explanations than scientific ones. Much is made of Marc-Antoine’s ‘sacrifice’ in marrying a woman who is doomed to lifelong invisibility, but surely there are advantages to having an invisible wife.

Information and reviews for “The Secret of Wilhelm Storitz”

It’s not very clever, characters are lf hysteric at times, there is a lot of the wrong kind of nationalism etc. Myra lost consciousness and was given special care.

Naturally, The Secret of Wilhelm Storitz carries the style and tropes of the time in which it was written Although Verne hoped for it to be published before his death, The Secret of Wilhelm Storitz is among roughly half a dozen novels and a short story collection published after he died. Who can imagine the effect it would have had on an early 20th century audience? Storitz, for the most part, actually stays wolhelm the background of the narrative thus adding to his mysterious nature.

The Secret of Wilhelm Storitz: The First English Translation of Verne’s Original Manuscript

When first published, Verne’s son secref the story in the 18th century rather than the 19th and changed the ending. The introduction and notes to the new Schulman translation make much of this late, “darker” work by Verne and various symbolic interpretations. Wilhelm Storitz is a Prussian chemist living in southern Hungary. I really enjoyed the set up of this story.


The Secret of Wilhelm Storitz – Wikipedia

Le secret de Wilhelm Storitz ” on Amazon. Verne wrote about space, air, and underwater travel before navigable aircraft and practical submarines were invented, and before any means of space travel had been devised. Storitz is rather an obsessive individual, and an outsider. On the other hand he gives us insight to some 19th century social concerns about spirituality.

Add the first question. What I got out of this book: Surprising disappointment from Jules Verne! A few days later, after getting the permission from the governor, Myra Roderich and Marc Vidal were ready to be wed the next day at the Ragz cathedral. Schulman does an excellent job footnoting names and terms that are of little or no significance today. Miraculously, Myra became visible after giving birth to her son and stoeitz moved to Paris, where Marc continued his job as a painter.

The problem is Verne’s son rewrote many of themrecasting plots and adding cha You’re likely to get an odd look when someone asks what you’re reading and you tell them it’s the “new” Jules Verne novel. Otherwise, the wilhhelm is probably only notable for its astounding sexism.