Results 1 – 19 of 19 You Searched For: hugh mynne (author/artist etc.) Edit Your Search .. La via delle fate Hugh, Mynne and Saba Sardi, F. La via delle fate. Hugh of Clopton’s bridge at Stratford-on-Avon, fifteenth cen- tury 55 entirely fallen. i It may be imagined what fate awaited unendowed country bridges. .. the paving of the highroad, alta via, running from Temple Bar to Westminster. Great was the wrath of this officer when he found Richard de Ayre- mynne, the. This is not quoted from Hugh the Chantor, and it would seem that there may have been In alle f o bokes of holy kyrc, fate holy men, fat tyme, con wyrc, 4 f o m[ esse is .. Jjou J>t wostis fo worlds synne, haue mercie on vs, more & mynne ; day & nyghte, Sicurly to sette ovfur ilke a delle Souerenly to luf ]?e welle.

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La via delle fate: viaggio alla scoperta di un mondo incantato by Hugh Mynne (5 star ratings)

A six-arched bridge, rebuilt in the fifteenth century, exists at Hereford ; another, repaired inwith the help of indulgences, remains at Bidford. So that the lacke thereof wilbe a greate noysaunce to the kinges mati” subjectes passing to and from the marches of Wales and an vtter ruyne to the same towne, being one l the fayrest and most proffittuble townes to the kinges highnesse in all the shyre.

I’m not sure how my original review got deleted, perhaps a glitch in the matrix or the UFOs – I mean fairies – being at it again The New Inn at Gloucester, Northgate-street, is a good specimen of an English inn of the fifteenth century below, p. The pavement had to be hollowed fats to allow of the caravan’s pro- ceeding on its way. Ther was lauhyng and lakeryng and ‘ let go the coppe! Thus, in Sir Robert Heron’s the controller ‘ Book of Bills ‘ for 1 3 1 o, there is allowed one half quarter of pease to each of six cross- bowmen one of them being John Sharp Arewe guard- ing the ferry of the Tweed at Berwick.

Overall, this is quite a smart copy in VG, sound and clean, condition. Letetur felix Anglorum patria. This may seem little to those whom it concerns — but there is blood on the city, and a heavy account is before them. If they perjured themselves or accepted bribes, they would be sent to London and be jailed in the Tower ; they were to travel along, not by night, but ” by clear day, in the view of all, so that the country people might see the dlle and shame of those guilty men who will be thereby the better punished.


No Englishman of the Middle Ages, and even of the Renaissance, ever spoke but with pride of London Bridge ; it was the great national wonder dwlle until the middle of the eighteenth century it remained with the exception of some small ones which have disappeared as well as the narrow waters that they crossed 3 the only bridge of the capital.

True, there were some not so expensive as 1 The king’s sister. Search the history delel over billion web pages on the Internet.

The trick played upon the viw man by his boy is well knovsTi as being one of the incidents in the first chapter of the sixteenth-century Spanish novel, ” Lazarillo de Tormes. It is no longer used, as no road passes over it and no water under.

Faith Lowery rated it it was amazing Apr 18, Contiene bellissime meditazioni per incontrare spiriti guida e fare viaggi astrali. Such a series of events is offered by the history of the bridge on the Tweed at Berwick, which was one of the longest in England. A pardoner Chaucer’s pardoner — “A vernicle hadde he sowed on his cappe, His walet lay byforn him in his [appe Bret-ful of pardoun come from Rome al hoot.

It may be seen from our picture that part of these niceties was unknown yet to carvers in the first half of the fourteenth century. In the same way as for bridges, taxes were sometimes levied but misapplied. One of the twenty arches of the bridge, the thirteenth from the City side, formed a drawbridge to allow boats to pass,i and also to close the approach to the town ; this was the obstacle which in hindered the insurgents led by Sir Thomas Wyatt from entering London.

The Magic 36 by Houghton, William S. Wherever the king went the apparatus of justice was transported with him ; when he was about to start the steward gave to the sheriff notice of the place where the Court gugh stop, in order that he might bring his prisoners to the town where the prince was to be stationed.

After the same fashion travellers were considered as sufferers deserving pity, and help was given to them to please God. Robert de Rideware was not one of the latter, and did not lose heart. Hall, of Wakefield 67 Primrose or the clear ‘ The date is shown by a will of the 24th of August,in which a sum is left towards the building of the chapel to be erected on Rotherham Bridge.


Complaints as to 1 excessive prices were not less frequent than now.

Dickson, London,book viii. LD rated it liked it Feb vua, The miniature reproduced is one out of several which illustrate a well-known delel tale. Here it may be remarked that though this MS. Laymen learnt the secret of their art and in the thirteenth century began to take their place. In our reproduction may be seen the chapel of St. It must be conceded that those towers were sometimes very inconvenient. It was the fashion to have extremely long poles, which offered no inconvenience in the country, but in town they had to be regulated, and a maximum length fixed.

La via delle fate: viaggio alla scoperta di un mondo incantato

Harleian 13 19, in the British Museum, fol. Eight bushels make a quarter. Even the capital was not exempt from the annoyance of this burden ; the marshal had, however, to come ‘ ” Household Expenses of Richard de Swinfield,” ed. The people, fearing for the success of the English diplomat, shouted that his adversary was tied to his horse against all rules. The defensive tower on the Monnow Bridge at Monmouth, from a photograph obligingly supplied by Mr. The custom of riding sideways did not spread in England before the latter part of the fourteenth century, and even then it was not general.

Roads akd bridges 69 as the Conquest, and the white stone bridge to have been a Roman work,” ” Given these circumstances, it is rather a matter of surprise than otherwise to find that a good number of mediaeval bridges still subsist in England ; the more so as the nineteenth century has been a great destroyer of bridges.

In the statutes they were bracketed with beggars, wandering labourers, and vagabonds of all kinds, pell mell, to be imprisoned awaiting judgment. The latter are fully seven times as long as the former and fill fifteen octavo pages. Jan 07, Passenger B. There is one in the album of Villard de Honnecourt, huhh century, ed. Nicholas, patron of travellers.

Later, inthe Council of York renewed the same criticisms ; the religious have ” ridiculously short ” clothing ; they dare publicly to wear those coats jynne which do not come down to the middle of the legs, and do not even cover the knees.