The Kolob Theorem. A Mormon’s View of God’s Starry Universe. Lynn M. Hilton, PhD, Author. With helpful additions by William M. Boushka, MD. The Kolob Theorem has ratings and reviews. Melissa said: If I could give this book more stars, I would. This theory makes the whole Plan of Salva. The Kolob Theorem is presented for your contemplation. These ideas are only theories. They are the result of the author’s (Lynn M Hilton and Richard K. Miner) .

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This is Shinehah, which is the sun. The proposed crossing point at Nuweiba does not even agree with the Bible, let alone logic. Those of the second type are permanent Telestial worlds for the children of Heavenly Father who inherit that kingdom forever. The second thing I want to make clear is that my critique of the book does in no way touch on the validity of Church doctrines.

I hadn’t put much thought into where God resides and worlds moving from their earthly realm. It’s amazing to think of how many worlds are out there! Most people pass over it, to continue reading “the scriptures. God himself lives in a real place composed of actual materials on a crystal sphere — a great Urim and Thummin.

I would add my own emphasis as an undergrad in Astrophysics: I Really don’t see how Hermes was “arguing from the negative and lack of evidence”. Quite amazing to see it but well worth the reading. My first review of the book was perhaps a little too harsh and short on details.

In my opinion there is not enough evidence from an academic stand point to conclusively “prove” the Book of Abraham to be either a true translation or a fraudulent book. Hilton’s book is a prime example of the process, and problems, of natural theology.


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The Kolob Theorem : A Mormon’s View of God’s Starry Universe

Whether or not I believe a given theory to be true or not, I still find the journey to “truth” through science to be very interesting.

Gender is an theotem characteristic of individual premortal, mortal, and eternal, identity and purpose. I take what I believe to be true, and the rest I just leave. Pray and try again brother. If we start with an incorrect assumption it makes it difficult to come to a previously unknown, but true and important, conclusion. It is by the light of Christ that we comprehend these laws.

By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. He lives on a tangible planet near unto the largest star in the universe. This would explain how Fathers creations multiply.

There are other non-canonized wittings that illustrate what Professor Nibley discovered what was shown to this special prophet due to his desire to know what the previous fathers knew. This book was unique, but didn’t try to disprove what I already know to be true from my personal scripture and gospel study, as well as knowledge from the astronomy class I have taken.

There are some LDS authors who actually do explore concepts similar to those found in The Kolob Theoremthough they do it with significantly more craft and insight for two examples see Brandon Sanderson and Howard Taylorand with the added benefit of sympathetic characters with interesting stories. Thus natural theology is not confined to any one religion or church. This pattern will be continued throughout all eternity. That is why revealed truth is necessary.

The Kolob Theorem is pure space doctrine. When it comes to someone’s theories of science or how the universe is, I’ve come to learn that the only way to be certain of any facts in the matter is to counsel with Heavenly Father on the matter. These are tiny windows through which the hubble telescope has seen glimpses of tons of galaxies His way is the only way! What was your favorite part of it?

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And should be held as such. A question I would like to rise is: Radio, infrared, and X-ray observations of the galactic core that can see through these dust clouds and thus put man in visual contact with the center of the galaxy. I don’t think the book will change my life, but it’s a good, thought-provoking read that may or may not jive with reality.

The book and the theory really are an interesting perspective.

Kolob Theorem Concepts

Theorme my blog so my choice. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Only those who have attain a high degree of spirituality, and in accordance with God’s will, can they receive the sure knowledge of Kolob. Thanks for the review and all the comments that followed. It is books like this that make members of other churches think Mormons are weirdos. It helps us anticipate the reality of the glories of ou God’s Throne and the Celestial, Terrestrial and Telestial Kingdoms.

If one daily studies the scriptures, voices one’s prayers, serves one’s neighbors, attends the temple, et cetera then let that person add to their efforts a study of the deeper things if the Lord gives sufficient time.