Josipom Brnićem izradio i izdao udžbenike: ➢ Nauka o čvrstoći I, Brnić, J.: Statika, Sveučilište u Rijeci, Tehnički fakultet, ❑ Alfirević, I. JOSIP BRNIĆ Red. prof. dr. sc. Zavod za tehničku Statika Nauka o vrstoi I Osnove primjene metode konanih elemenata. Report. Post on. Josip Brnić info. Lidija Ćurković info . UVOD U MEHANIKU I. Statika krutih tijela. INTRODUCTION TO Primijenjena statika. INTRODUCTION TO.

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Estimate starika consumed energy at backward extrusion process by means of modelling approach. Dual infections with Puumala virus and Leptospira interrogans serovar lora in a bank vole Clethrionomys glareolus.

Transactions of FAMENA

Antimicrobial drug use in hospitalised paediatric patients A cross-national comparison between Germany and Croatia. Liposomes with nifedipine and nifedipine-cyclodextrin complex: Poglavlja u knjigama Turkalj, G. Reactivity of some tertiary chlorides with olefinic and methoxy neighbouring groups. Molecular mechanism involved in the antiproliferative action of protein tyrosine phosphatase inhibitor potassium bisperoxo 1, phenanthroline oxovanadate.


EPR study of a-Si structural relaxation. Nakladni zavod Globus, ostalo. Croatian Society of Biotechnology, Molecular properties of 4-substituted indoleacetic acids affecting pea pericarp elongation. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Brno: Crystal structure of 1, 3-bis hydroxymethyl oxaadamantane, C11H18O3.

prof. dr. sc. Josip Brnić, professor emeritus

Diiodo-3, 4, 5, 6-tetrahydropyrimidiniumthiolato-S-mercury II. Effect of linoleate on electrochemical behaviour of stainless steel in phosphate buffer. Superoxide dismutase, copper and zinc concentrations in platelet-rich plasma of pneumonia patients. High pressure synthesis of new silicon containing heteroatom analogues vrni fused norbornenes.

The Influence of a Methoxy Group. Preparation and characterization of the 1: Novel cyclodextrin-based film formulation intended for buccal delivery of atenolol.

Blackwell Science, monografija. Hrvatska agencija za hranu, Increased inflammation in mice deficient for the chemokine decoy receptor D6.

Hrvatski olimpijski odbor – Najuspješniji

Reactions with 1-benzotriazolecarboxylic acid chloride. A novel electrochemical sensor for assaying of antipsychotic drug quetiapine.

Cardiovascular risk factors and diseases strongly predict hemodialysis treatment outcome in maintenance hemodialysis patients. The Structure of the Nonamethylcyclopentyl Cation.


N-o-tolylhydroxynaphthaldimine and its Ni II complex. Central bond vibrations in 1, 1′-biadamantane. Veliki dan hrvatskog sporta u srijedu, Antimicrobial activity of Paliurus spina-christi Mill. Synthesis and structure of two molybdovanadates containing coordinatively josiip oxalato ligands: Complexation of Iron III by cystinedihydroxamic acid.

Hrvatski olimpijski odbor

Hrvatska akademija znanosti i umjetnosti, spomenica. Solvent-induced hydrogen tunnelling in ascorbate proton-coupled electron transfers.

Mode and sites of incorporation of divalent cations in vaterite. The effects of acid volatile sulfides on the use of hydrochloric acid for determining solid-phase associations of mercury in sediments. On different flux splittings and flux functions in WENO schemes for balance laws.