The J Bus Line, formerly the G-Silo line, is a Unitrans route serving Anderson Road, Alvarado Avenue, and Sycamore Lane. It provides service. Transfers to other Unitrans lines are free and valid for 30 minutes from time of issue during regular service, and for 1 hour J-EX North Davis Express via Hwy. Center Island (Wb) →North Sycamore Loop (Nb) bus route by Unitrans (Davis) in Sacramento. Choose your stop or station for line J to see the full schedule.

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Ujitrans Level Positions Transit Driver – is the student driving your bus. We are a c 3 non-profit organization. Your journey just became much easier! Anyone can ride these buses, though they only run on DJUSD school days long enough to get students to their morning classes roughly 7am-9am and to take them home at the end of the day 3: Daimlers llne gone were from the UK. RT’s train new drivers after they obtain their class B license on Unitrans policies and routes. Man, I’d love to ride in one of these.

J Bus Line – Davis – LocalWiki

Visit the NextBus Unitrans website to see if your bus is on time or held up in traffic. The high-ridership lines Such lkne D, G, J, and W commonly have a “tripper” bus that accompanies the main bus through one line.

If your destination is not the terminal, please let the conductor know so they can ring in your correct stop to the driver. Apply to be a Driver!


On a Vintage Double Decker, the destination sign will be a located in the rear window, near the loading platform on the rear of the vehicle.

That’s a lot of students. Unitrans has a few strange procedures which ensure safe and reliable service. Express routes only serve limited stops. In addition, old registration cards are no longer accepted as of November 1, The Unitrans bus yard. The Unitrans fleet currently consists of the following: Oversees daily operations of the system. If you are boarding from a terminal: The weekend J Line runs every hour, on the hour from 9: You must be logged in to comment on this page. Led by the Business Office Manager.

Buses head NB 3 min walk. Except where otherwise noted, this content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Buses head SB 1 min walk.

Coffee by public transit? They unutrans have “live maps” to show you where the buses on a line currently are and what the latest arrival times are for each bus stop.

Contributed by and 61 jnitrans. How long does it take to get to Unitrans J Line from ampm by public transit? The remaining ones have diesel engines. Find updated times for all lien routes that are available with real-time step-by-step directions from Unitrans J Line. How long does it take to get to Unitrans J Line from ampm by Bus?

Student Managers Operations Manager – is the highest-level operations student employee. Also leads the Route Supervisors. If you are boarding from a bus stop: Most of the buses including one double-decker run on compressed natural gas CNG.

How long does it take to get to Unitrans J Line from Stag by public transit? This is unfortunately not possible in the afternoons. Unitrans’ most prominent color is red. If a bus breaks down, they attempt to fix it. A Unitrans bus pulls into a stop on Cowell. I’ve lune been curious about this. Have a question about why we at Unitrans do what unitrzns do, and don’t do what we don’t do? Full fare information can be found at the Unitrans website.

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Previously, Unitrans buses were white with red and blue stripes along the sides.

Unitrans drivers used unitrahs get silly on the radio in the late hours when not many people were listening; and do things like trivia. This second bus helps split the load and keep the other bus on time.

He or she is simply making sure they can signal the driver to stop at your destination. All drivers work a required minimum number of hours – usually around 15 per week.

How to get to Unitrans J Line in Davis by Bus

Except where otherwise noted, this content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. You can also find us on Twitter! Express routes only operate during the UC Davis academic school year. All undergraduates have fare included in their registration fees. Or you can call an automated line and simply punch in your stop number It requires a minimum of safe driving hours, double-deck training, and conductor training.

Most holidays run similar to weekend service.