This manual may contain references to HP or Hewlett-Packard. Please note that Hewlett-. Packard’s former test and measurement, semiconductor products and. A. • Test frequencies – 10 kHz to 10 MHz. • Test signal level – 1 mV to 1 V rms. • % basic AUTO MANUAL DOWN UP. SELF. TEST The A operates over a frequency range of Hz to kHz ually or under HP-IB control. The HP A and HP A Multi-frequency LCR Meters, microprocessor- based impedance . Trigger: internal, external or manual. Measurement terminals.

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Note The functions and capabilities of OptionBattery Memory Backup, are installed in all A instruments with serial number J above.

The measuring circuit for the de- vice to be measured is capable of both paral- lel and series equivalent circuit measure- ment. Rack Mount Kits 2- 4. Ranging operation has actuated a range on which the measurement can net be taken at the selected test frequency. This test function confirms normal operation of the major analog cir- cuit blocks. Intensity of magnetization magnetic flux density of a ferromagnetic core varies along and with majual mag- netization characteristic curve B-H curve in response to the cyclic current flowing through the inductor coil.

A LCR METER [Obsolete] | Keysight (formerly Agilent’s Electronic Measurement)

This supple- ment contains “change information” that ex- plains how to adapt the manual to the newer instrument. Memory data protection with standby battery in event instrument loses power. Recall Reference Data 3 – General operating procedures for meas- uring an inductance, capacitance or resist- ance circuit component are outlined in Figure To use thii supplement 1. Semiconductor Device Measurement sheet 3 of 3.

The measurement results, then, are substantially the sample values including the parasitic impedances present under the conditions necessary to connect and hold the sample. At first glance, the arrangement appears to be an expanded four terminal method with a built-in guard struc- ture, This is true.


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Test Signal Level Check Ranges. Test Fixture, cable con- nection type, 4-terminal pair, useable with dc biases up to volts. Either of two formats may be selected switchable on internal circuit board: Relationship of Magnetization and Inherent Inductance. By using a string variable complete output information from the A OptJOl is stored by the following program: If measurement is not achieved because of inappropriate panel control set- tings or by incorrectly connecting the sample, an alphabetic annunciation either OF, UF, or Err is displayed.

The test frequency display is switched, in turn.

Accessories Supplied Remote Program Codes sheet 2 of 2. The wide resist- ance range permits measurements for low value cable conductor resistances through those for high resistance solid resistors. If negative D value is displayed, refer to Figure step The A has self-diagnostic functions which are automatically performed or can be done any time desired to confirm the normal operation of the instrument.

The following gener- al instructions should be used for re-packing with commercially available materials: Since the effect of test cables on measurements and the resultant measurement error increase in proportion to test frequency, cable length must be taken into consideration in high frequency measure- ments.

Measurement range is fixed even when the sample is chang- ed.

Technical Support

Hewlett-Packard uses a two-section nine character serial number which is marked on the serial number plate Figure attached to the instrument rear panel. This combination of measurement parameters represents both the resistive and reactive characteristics of the sample. Protect control panel with cardboard.

For a detailed analysis of the device under its operating test conditions, a low jp test signal is employed In order to obtain measured values with respect to a local region around the operating test point selected for plotting characteristic parameter curves of the sample. The measurement setups for measuring micro-circuit components such as an integrated circuit device are illustrated below. Front Panel Features Sheet 2 of 4. Figure shows the Status Byte make up of the A.

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In such representa- tion, the effective resistance and effective reactance correspond to the projections of the impedance vector Z 6, that is, the real R axis and the imaginary jX axis, maual.

This new component measuring instrument, developed by Hewlett-Packard, satisfies the wider measuring requirements for accuracy, speed, flexibility and versatility. Measured L, C, R or jZ! Instrument controls are automatically set as follows: External DC Bias A de- fective display can be isolated manuap the test described immediately below.

The A Option adds an internal remotely controllable dc bias supply variable from. Component replacement and internal adjustments must be made by qualified maintenance personnel.

Optimum range for the sample value is automatically se- lected. Sample Program 2 with the A When requesting copies quote the manual identification information from your supplement, or the model number and print date from the title page of the manual. On three digit display ranges in C, L, R and Z measurements, specified accuracy applies to 475a first through fourth significant digit data.

Note Use lowest possible test signal level which meets measurement accuracy requirement. During this initial test, the instrument is check- ed for normal operation of the memo- rized measurement sequences of the internal program 42755a. Sample Program 1 with the A Use contact module for short lead components or the C Test Fixture designed especially for high frequency measurements. To keep this manual as current and accurate as possible, Hewlett-Packard recommends that you periodically ,anual the latest Manual Changes supplement.