In accordance with Hessian law governing teaching qualifications (Hessisches Lehrerbildungsgesetz), all education students must undertake an orientation. Februar The structure of the First State Exam, according to the Law on Teacher Education of the State of Hesse (HLbG: Hessisches Lehrerbildungsgesetz). Degree: “Erweiterungsprüfung” (additional examination) as per § 33 Hessisches Lehrerbildungsgesetz HLbG. Duration: 4 semesters (80 CP). Language.

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If a subject is studied with the aim of taking the additional examination, the regulations of the respective subject-specific regulations apply accordingly. Less than 05 points means failed. Means for the knowledge of history are the historical sources relevant for the respective questions, which are examined according to verifiable methods.

Die Feinnavigation findet sich – sofern vorhanden – in der linken Spalte. Work placement for orientation and an internship More on this Closely related to mathematics in its formal fundamentals, it is also an engineering discipline that has developed out of a need for fast and reliable calculations of all sorts.

Existing experience with data structures, word processing programs or programming languages is useful, but not a prerequisite for starting studies.

Chemistry (Ergänzung Lehramt)

In Hesse, it lasts 21 months for all types of teacher and end in the passing of the second state teaching examination. Applicants have already completely acquired a First State Examination or an equivalent degree as e. Teachers at Secondary schools do not only teach their subjects but work within a greater pedagogical and organisational framework.


International applicants find their application deadline here. In this context, prospective students should be aware of the fact that a well-founded understanding of biology is unthinkable without Chemistry and Physics and that these disciplines are essential components of the degree programme and should not be underestimated.

Orientierungswoche OWO Biology orientation event at the beginning of the first semester. Semester Course Schedule print version.

German (Ergänzung Lehramt) – Technische Universität Darmstadt

Trainee teachers spend their working hours lehrerbildunsggesetz two locations: In this context, the programme is divided into the four components of historical studies Ancient History, Medieval History, Recent History, History of Technology.

Unterhalb dieser oberen Leiste schliesst sich die Hauptnavigation an. Those who decide to pursue the studies of Chemistry within lehrerbilldungsgesetz framework of the Teaching at Secondary Schools Gymnasium programme should not only be interested in science, but should already possess solid fundamental scientific as well as mathematical skills at the start of the programme.

Unterhalb der Hauptnavigation befindet sich der Inhaltsbereich. About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. Equally important is the reception of research literature.

If a subject is studied with the aim of taking the additional examination, the regulations of the respective hessiaches regulations apply accordingly.

The complementary course of study does not constitute an extension of the deadline. Other factors include the overall demographic development, political decisions and administrative regulations.

The aggregate mark is expressed as a number between 1,0 and 4,0. It is not possible to write a thesis in the subject of supplementary studies.


Sports (Ergänzung Lehramt)

Lehredbildungsgesetz applicants find their application deadline here. In several states, some jobs are also advertised by or for specific schools, normally requiring additional qualifications.

Since there are significantly more applicants than there are free teaching jobs, the employment of teachers in Hesse, as in many other German states, is made dependent on applicants’ subjects and the combined grades from their first and second state teaching examinations.

There is no strict legal limitation on the time which is allowed to elapse between graduating and beginning work as a trainee, which means that graduates are not obliged to become trainees immediately after finishing university.

Further information may also be found at, for example: As long as a First State Examination has not yet been successfully passed, or an equivalent degree acquired, only one subject in the Complementary Studies — Teaching at Secondary Schools programme can be studied.

The studies are composed of the following elements:. According to the multitude of possible subjects it is characterized by a wide range of possible approaches, which in turn requires close cooperation and entanglement with neighbouring disciplines, e.

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