Harold Cruse () was born in Petersburg, Virginia, the son of a railway porter. After publishing The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual in , Cruse was . Today I’ll take a look at Harold Cruse, a man whose name is synonymous with Black intellectuals in thanks to his book The Crisis of the. Harold Cruse’s book The Crisis of the Ne- gro Intellectual is a remarkable achieve- ment. Historical in approach, it traces the shape of black American cultural.

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That year is scarcely as well remembered aswith its famous political assassinations, May Day revolts, and Tet Offensive, but perhaps is just as important.

Harold Cruse – Wikipedia

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. In retrospect, it’s unclear whether Cruse was really inspired to recommit himself to the kind of political organizing he had participated in as a young man, looking for fodder for his writing, or simply curious about the development of a new generation of activists and eager to lend his own unique insights.

March 25, Ann Arbor, MichiganU. Reviewing black intellectual life from the Harlem Renaissance through the s, Cruse discusses the legacy and offers memorably acid-edged portraits of figures such as Paul Robeson, Lorraine Hansberry, and James Baldwin, arguing that their work was marked by a failure to understand the specifically American character of racism in the United States.

New narratives are historically contextualizing the period which Cruse analyzes and uncovering a far more complicated, less Manichaen, black political, social, and cultural spheres than Cruse imagined. One of the most fruitful aspects of The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual resides in the fact that Cruse took black intellectuals and cultural workers and activists seriously.

Since Cruse distanced himself from his earlier political radicalism, which covers at least two decades of his professional career, his corpus of well known works emphasize the kind of critique of black militancy that conservatives of all stripes find refreshing.

Jamonte Roberts rated it it was amazing Dec 17, Harold Cruse was born March 8,in Petersburg, Virginia.


The crisis of the Negro intellectual Harold Cruse Snippet view – Made more so because he achieved a measure of the long-sought fame and success as a writer that he had always craved, in a treatise that not only settled scores against luminaries like Lorraine Hansberry and Paul Robeson, but established him as a social, political, and cultural critic par excellence one well received by both blacks and whites, for different reasons.

By the early s however, Cruse seemed reinvigorated enough to travel to Cuba alongside of Robert Williams and Le Roi Jones–two figures criticized in Crisis ; participate in the New York chapter of the Freedom Now Party; write several essays for small left-wing publications; and serve as a writer for the influential nationalist magazine, Liberator. So, for him, the influence of West Indian immigrants was a hindrance, and missed the uniqueness of the American struggle for equality.

Wow, this book is still so very real and relevant!

The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual by Harold Cruse | : Books

It’s important to remember that racial violence in American cities was spoken of, at least at the time, as the product of institutional racism, and not just by radicals, but by voices of liberalism such as The New York Times. The works of Black American cridis since have been shaped by a growing awareness that the place of Black Americans within larger American society is always in flux.

But in other ways it seems like an odd match. Remi rated it did not like it Oct 12, He encounters figures such as the precocious LeRoi Blacj with a mixture of bemusement and bitterness. This was a long way from the young activist who joined the CP or even the middle aged wander who visited Cuba in and was active in the Freedom Now Party in the early s. At the same time, he was critical of leading figures within the African-American arts.

But he makes no positive claims other than “we have to do everything perfectly at once,” which isn’t so helpful. Don’t be put off by intellectaul long digressions into obscure leftwing s and 30s history.

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We’ve sent you an email with instructions to create a new password. Another element to consider, too: Jake rated it it was ok Dec 29, Views Read Edit View history. The library was right there.

The Crisis of the Negro Intellectual

Cruse, like the young Ralph Ellison, held a driving ambition to criais it as a writer at all costs. Look forward to your next piece on Cruse! Urban rebellions in Newark and Detroit during the summer rattled the nation’s and president Lyndon Johnson’s composure. New York Review of Books- History – pages. Cultural Leadership and Cultural Democracy.

Oct 09, Michael rated it really liked it. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Books by Harold Cruse.

Yohanan EliYah rated it it was amazing May 17, Reviewing black intellectual life from the Harlem Renaissance through the s, Cruse discusses the legacy and offers memorably oc portraits of figures such as Paul Robeson, Lorraine Hansberry, intellectal James Baldwin, arguing that their work was marked by a failure to understand the specifically American character of racism in the United States.

Riich Dee rated it it was amazing Nov 12, And, in an international context, the Left has yet to see both the promise of the Prague Spring, and the repression of it by the Soviet Union.