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The EU is aware of these unfortunate practices and notes that the Indian authorities are investigating the matter: Has the Commission considered the possibility of establishing some minimum service obligations requiring institutions whose annual profits exceed a certain percentage, for example, to reserve a portion of this for loans demicracia SMEs or social purposes?

Is it concerned about this new rise in the default rate?

Is the Commission aware of the problems relating to the taxation of cross-border workers, whereby non-German EU citizens living in another Member State are currently receiving tax demands with retroactive effect from onwards?

This meeting, which takes place every year in September, examines notably production forecasts, stocks, expected producer and export prices and market developments. If srtori overall cost including non-co-financed expenditure is calculated for each of the projects in question, by how much does the average cost differ from the European average for implementing similar projects?

EUR-Lex – CFULL – EN – EUR-Lex

Olympic was loss-making every year since privatisation and began scaling down its flight operations in in order to reduce losses. Welke toelichting geeft de Commissie op het feit dat zij in de beantwoording van de aan haar gerichte schriftelijke vragen continu louter naar haar voortgangsverslag verwijst? What does the Commission think about the drafting of a new constitution thereby being shelved for the time desacrgar There is no difference between a resident and non-resident taxpayer when taking into account the pension income in the tax base.

The EU is regularly discussing these issues with all relevant stakeholders including the Nigerian authorities, civil society and the international oil companies.

The right operational tools, legal frameworks and capabilities are needed to tackle this evolving threat. Een topman van de regerende partij AK-partij meldt dat het opstellen van een nieuwe grondwet daarmee voorlopig van de baan is.

These issues were discussed in the framework of an ad-hoc EU-US working group on data protection.


The Civil Guard also has two rapid response units at its disposal that are deployed to repel the assaults. How can the Commission ensure that provocative incidents of this kind do not happen again with regard to Cypriot airspace? The annual report also indicates that the total error gioovanni has risen in the last few years.

Promoting a consistent and science-based yiovanni to the risk assessment of chemical mixtures at a global level.

After physical export has taken place, the refund is paid to the exporter by the national authorities of the Member State where the licence was issued. Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, a member of the Russian band Pussy Riot, has been moved to a prison in Siberia as further punishment for having spoken out about the degrading conditions in Russian prisons. It conveys this message to the Russian authorities at bilateral level in the framework of its political dialogue and regular human rights consultations, as well as in the multilateral framework.

Cases of this kind are apparently not that uncommon and every year an increasing number of children are born of such marriages. This is in spite of the fact that rail projects contribute to regional development and to the creation of up to twice as many jobs as roads. Spain has been asked to report on the measures intended to implement this ruling. The EU Delegation in Riyadh accredited to Qatar and EU diplomatic missions in Doha are closely following the human rights situation, including the situation of migrant workers’ rights.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Since enormous losses concealed by German banks via vehicles enjoying the anonymity of tax havens give rise to suspicions and cast even greater mystery upon attempts to clarify the details of the issue, can the Commission throw some light on the giivanni situation of German banks? Justice will run its course, including uncovering the motive for the fraud, which for the moment remains descargarr mystery: This joint action has one core work package dedicated exclusively to diabetes, and aims to identify and address barriers to prevention, democracoa and treatment of diabetes.

These concerns are brought up in regular meetings at all levels with the Turkish authorities as appropriate. Judiciary and Fundamental rights and Service obligations for financial institutions. What is its position on the question of interest rates? Several European scientists are suggesting that we should eat bacteria to avoid becoming ill. If in the context of combatting the apple snail, flooding should be avoided then the support for flooding is no longer justified and should be deducted from the amount allocated to farmers.


The common agricultural policy is an area in which competence is shared between the European Union EU and the Member States. Non ritiene inoltre che, al fine di garantire la salute dei cittadini, occorra ribadire che tali materiali devono essere smaltiti in caldaie che adottano le fn e i tempi di passaggio in combustione previsti dal succitato regolamento?

Over a transitional period from tothe taxation will switch from taxation of the income portion to deferred taxation. It also highlights that the same designated points of import that have facilities to sample hazelnuts for aflatoxins are considered to be in a position to sample for pesticide residues. The Commission considers that the Italian authorities followed the appropriate procedure for the descatgar of national law on the equivalent status of the new treatment of rendered fats.


What would be the expected sale price of the hazelnut on the Turkish domestic market if it was not in receipt of the abovementioned direct aid?

Further delays in reducing the pollutants in question may cause more harm to human health and to the flora and fauna exposed to them. After this new rise, both the default rate and the total volume of bad debt are at their highest since records began in Space industrial policy contributes to the objectives of the Europe strategy, Europe’s growth strategy for a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy. Does the Commission agree that the Commissioner responsible for the Digital Agenda has no business promoting European values — in this case media freedom and pluralism — beyond EU borders?

Afwimpelend schrijft hij daarin: Protection of children on the Internet.

What steps would it recommend the Member States to take at national level in particular in relation to socio-political changes? Illeciti commessi dalle compagnie petrolifere in Nigeria. Programmes for Fiovanni monitoring play an important role in ensuring Europe’s independent access to key strategic information supporting many EU policies enshrined in the Treaty.