Gentle Warrior by Julie Garwood – book cover, description, publication history. Gentle Warrior by Julie Garwood – From New York Times bestselling author and queen of romance Julie Garwood comes this classic novel of a medieval lady. In feudal England, Elizabeth Montwright barely escaped the massacre that destroyed her family and exiled her from her ancestral castle. Bent on revenge, she.

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An arrogant, macho ass who is domineering and just impossible. My break loomed, and I was anticipating a long, boring half hour staring at the vending machines, when a very kind, well-meaning lady from the other side of the room caught wind of waarrior dilemma honestly, I don’t think I was audibly whimpering not yet and offered me a romance novel she had with her.

gareood Blogspot, “Historical Romance Heaven” It also makes use of the spunky ingenue of a heroine and more experienced hero-with-issues standard. Sign up and get a free eBook! She just seemed contradictory to me. Good lord is the writing shocking. Believing that her greedy uncle is responsible for the murders and will likely try to gain guardianship of Thomas and kill him too, she has been hiding out in the forest.

The subplot was kind of a mystery, but not really was interesting and as it was wafrior to the plot and how the story develops, it didn’t feel like an add-on and detractor from the romance. I love the strength of the heroines in Garwood’s romances and I loved the heroes cluelessness of her strength!

I felt like there were too many scenes just thrown in there to prolong the story and make the reader wait longer for the end. He heard her pleas, resisted her demands, and vowed to seduce his beautiful subject.

Gentle Warrior

Any other author, I would have given it less. Needless to say, Geoffrey and Elizabeth have a clash of both personalities and wills as they try to create a lasting, affectionate marriage. I am only disappointed because the same author gave me Alec and Broderick! From the New York Times bestselling author of Ransom comes an exquisite tender tale of love, adventure and passion! Make sure you listen to the sample before you purchase this audiobook.


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Gentle Warrior Audiobook | Julie Garwood |

Elizabeth suffers the same problem. There’s another villain who actually is way more villainous in my opinion, but it seems like, since he’s straight, he gets less screen time. I have been wanting to read this for a long time, but I was a bit underwhelmed.

Garwodo couldn’t follow the narrator and her super deep breathing and drawn out last word of every sentence.

Love Julie Garwood historicals I’ve been reading historical romances for over 40 years and Julie Garwood has always been a favorite.

Unfortunately, it also had some really unpleasant elements that made me struggle between giving this 1 or 2 stars. This is probably one of her newer books. It does have an overuse of the description “contradiction” that she still tends to bestow on her heroes and heroines. The Hope Chest Reviews on Facebook. The pledge was given. Gentle Warrior Written by: It isn’t 4 of 4 people found this review helpful.

Bent on revenge, she rode again through the fortress gates, disguised as a peasant I’ve been reading historical romances for over 40 years and Julie Garwood has warruor been a favorite. Publisher’s Summary In feudal England, Elizabeth Montwright barely escaped wrrior massacre that destroyed her family and exiled her from her ancestral castle.

The characterization is also a lot of telling. The two clash together when Geoffrey proclaims she is his property and proceeds to wed and bed her. Also, the characters are a bit annoying. I genle laughing for most of the book ,narrator’s voice for Geoffrey was the funniest thing! I personally enjoy some of the old bodice rippers, but not every writer’s style is compatible.


So I went for something a little different and went for Feudal England over Scotland. There’s also the homophobia. I suppose he does have some redeeming characteristics.

Once he is fully recovered, he suspects that the young lady may be the warriot of the faithful vassal who was killed. Usually Garwood does a better job of showing, but we find out a lot about the characters because we’re constantly told, what they are thinking.

I read about thirty pages, and it was a two-page letter. One last problem; this book was simply too long. May contain moderately descriptive love scenes, usually no more than three. These complaints don’t mean that I didn’t enjoy the story Jun 28, Netanella rated it liked it Shelves: May contain a number of explicitly descriptive love scenes.

November Group Read- Gentle Warrior. It was very hum drum and slow, not interesting in the least. Reviewed for THC Reviews Gentle Warrior was Julie Garwood’s first published romance from way back inand although I mostly enjoyed it, I would have to warrrior that it showed some of her greenness as a writer.

After persuading Elizabeth’s servant to reveal the truth of her whereabouts, Geoffrey seeks her out and immediately demands that they marry, because he simply must have the lovely lady for his own.

Which is fine, but again Trivia About Gentle Warrior. Heroine’s parents brutally killed and her brother has lost voice after seeing their parents being slaughtered. Garwood wzrrior over those moments more than usual.