Framo. Cargo Pump SD Instruction for Maintenance and Repair Before doing service on pump read the Service Manual for Cargo Pumps, Chapter 3. Well, he had worked on ships (tankers) with Framo pumps. In old Framo system this could be a manual valve with its handle touching the. Maintenance on framo cargo pumping system on ships including filter, control of liquid filled cofferdam according to instruction in the manual.

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Pump stops or do not run in this case. For creating vacuum, an air ejector is installed.

A Basic But Helpful Guide On Framo System – MySeaTime

This is to keep the feed pressure on the suction side of the main hydraulic pump. Hydraulic oil used in any hydraulic system has a optimum temperature range for use.

Mahabubur rahman Jan 19, To achieve this, we should be able to control the flow of the hydraulic oil to the hydraulic motor of the Framo pump. All o-rings and gaskets must be carefully examined for cuts or other damage.

This ensures that any leakage in the line will be immediately detected without the loss of much of hydrualic oil. I have red about the Framo hydraulic system that all wrote in simple and clear English language.

The following preventive maintenance is recommended for optimum life of the system.

Maintenance on Framo Cargo Pumping System

If the hydraulic oil leak into the cargo, cargo can damage. Stay tuned for this section. These detailed and well researched articles provides value reading for all ranks. Then what we should do in order to start using system at full power? Kanual Hydraulic oil inlet pass through the STC. It is important to know manuak the cofferdam is empty or not.


And there is cargo seal that prevents cargo leaking into the hydraulic side. It is recommended to inspect the anodes annually until rate of consumption is established. You are a very good teacher.

Wear on the cargo pump wear rings depend on the type of cargo and also the running hours. When we close the knob by turning clockwisethe STC passes the oil pmup the pump.

For the centrifugal pump to work, impeller need to rotate. Always refill with oil upon completion of the repair operation. The feeders and DC power supplies are monitored by relays provided with status lamps. Do not use any cleaning fluid containing chlorinated hydrocarbons.

This is exactly what Speed torque controller does. Bernard Argenio May 11, This makes the knowledge of Submersible pumps and Framo system so much important.

Frako this does not stop the leak, drain and open the equipment for repair. Hence farmo a contact opens or there is a loose wire, an alarm condition occurs, i. The high capacity mode is used mqnual keep feed pressure on the suction side of the main hydraulic pumps. STC also prevent the pump to overspeed by controlling the amount of oil to the hydraulic motor of the pump. The first power pack stops immediately and delay between shut down command of each following power pack is 0.

Knowledge dies if it remains in our head. It is important that hydraulic oil tank always have sufficient oil for the high pressure pump. If there is a mismatch between command and feedback signal, an alarm will be released.


M Sep 18, For Time Charter vessels: Very nice information in a simple words thank you sir for passing your knowledge to juniors like us. Follow us Today on our social network.

Maintenance on Framo Cargo Pumping System

We carried out cleaning of filters and replacement of directional valve. For how long time we should keep heating on? If the equipment does not operate properly or there is evidence of damage, overhaul the equipment in accordance with the instruction for the damaged component in the manual.

Many many thanks to you sir for this post did two ships both with marflex and now this last ship as cadet got framo. If the suction valve for the high pressure pump is closed, the power pack will trip.

Framo Hydraulic Cargo Pumping System on Ships

Each pump has a lever that connects with the STC of that pump by a hydraulic control line. The hydraulic oil is made to pass through a oil cooler to cool the oil before delivery on deck.

We must know all of these locations.

Further inspection intervals to be based on experience. Jairamkrishna May 1, Thanks to you for your useful bloging post. Great write up anyway!!

The ejector for the priming system is automatically controlled by the PLC. Very helpful and important blog and information.