View and Download Escort A operation manual online. Count Multimeter. A Multimeter pdf manual download. Here you will find a large selection of new and used Escort A listed at special prices. Although some items match several categories, all of them are listed. Section 7. GPIB Remote Operation. Introduction. Description of the GPIB. GPIB Interface Parameters Setup. Commands Summary. 72 .

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Add new esvort set. Table of Contents Section 1. Do not apply a voltage exceeding V peak between and COM input terminals. CURRent Set the current measurement. POWER 8 10 1. Page 17 Voltage, Resistance or Frequency Measurements Press the desired function button and connect the test leads as shown in Figure to measure voltage, resistance, or frequency.

Operation Procedures for Front Panel To enable an ecort trigger and trigger a measurement from the front panel, perform the following procedures: Page 87 Table Alternative equipment may be used as long as the accuracy is at least as good as those listed. The meter will then respond the following digit character string to the host after receiving the R0 command: OPC – Operation complete.

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The meter is protected against overloads up to the limits shown in Table R1 command After executing R1 command, the meter will return the existing readings of primary display. Bit set to 1 when response to query placed in output buffer.


Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. All related information for operations and functions are grouped together.

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Section 4 Measurement Application Examples Introduction Section 4 describes some advanced features and applications that help the user to operate the meter more effectively. This operation manual contains information and warning that must be followed to ensure user operation safety fscort to retain the meter safety condition. Page 12 Rear 3163a The rear panel shown 3163a Figure contains a line fuse, the power-line cord connector, an RS interface connector, and a cutout for IEEE interface optional connector.

This command pauses program execution until all operations are completed. Press to enter Refresh Hold mode. You must register and log in before setting up notifications. Measuring AC and DC current on a rectification circuit.

Options And Accessories Options and Accessories At the moment, one option is available for the meter, which option can be installed at the factory and a field installable retrofit kit option is also available: Place the meter to power-on-reset state, but no affect following items: 3136s Trigger Mode once over the maximum display of Plays an audio ‘beep’ escorrt that communication is ok mmA beep: A-2 Technical Specifications Specifications assumptions: Though it is not necessary to read the entire manual to operate the unit effectively, we recommend the manual to be read thoroughly in order to use the meter to its full advantages.


The user must be familiar with the basic measurement operations described in Section 2 and Section 3 and has a basic understanding of electronics knowledge.

BAS – This program set the meter to record Vdc measurement on the primary display – and Vac measurement on the secondary display. Use of this instrument in a manner not specified herein may impair the protection provided by the equipment. When the meter is turned on, the primary and secondary displays light for about 2 seconds while an internal self-test running by its digital circuitry.

The range setting is synchronous for dual display for current or voltage measurement. To display DC voltage in primary display, and AC voltage in secondary display or vise versus while testing a rectifier circuit, user may check the DC voltage supplied and its AC ripples by taking a single meter.

Set Commands Set Commands S1 command The S1 command is used to set up the measurement functions, ranges, and reading rates for the primary display in the meter.