In Unix, the enscript command changes a text file to PostScript format file of the text file and save it as , you would enter. By default, enscript only makes postscipt file (ps). Your command line is missing two flags: small -p and capital -P. The command line must be. Hi, I have ps file, I want to print with diffrent font, is it possible to print like this? enscript -fCourier9 how to find enscript is installed or not? if I enter man.

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It seems to be not documented, but you can easily convert text files into PDF files by using this syntax:. To redirect the output of enscript as input for another command, append another dash to the -p option, for example:.

enscript(1) – Linux man page

enecript Options Help Chat with a consultant. At Indiana University, enscript is installed on Steel and Libra. What is enscript, and how can I use it to print text files in PostScript? Last modified on Tim 26k 74 How can I do the same thing from the command line?

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About the Steel retirement. A similar tool, which has been around for a long time, is a2ps. Sign up using Facebook. For more information about enscriptread its man page by entering the following:.

enscript (1) – Linux Man Pages

The –delegate option seems to be needed for pdf, but the man page doesn’t really help there. How would enscriot ” set your default Printer in the system to the PDF printer”? It has a large number of options, including putting multiple pages on a physical page.

To get you started first install pandoc converter: How can I make it generate a pdf file? Is there a reliable command which will work in both cases with or without making the PDF printer default?

In Unixthe enscript command changes a text file to PostScript format and then sends it to the printer. Abel Tom 2 There are more options to enscripte. If a pdf printer in not available in the system, then ghostscript can convert the p file to pdf file as follows:.


The command line must be like this: To get you started first install pandoc converter:.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. For example, why is paps a better alternative? Ask Ubuntu works best with JavaScript enabled.

ARCHIVED: What is enscript, and how can I use it to print text files in PostScript?

The command line must be like this:. How shall I generate a pdf file instead of a ps file using enscript? Install ap2s with sudo apt-get install a2ps. On ;s BSD-compatible system, to convert and print the text file myfile. Post as a guest Endcript. Is this your preferred way to convert a text file to a pdf file? You can always edit your answer by clicking on edit right underneath the body of the answer. According to enscript manpage.