Buy e: The Story of a Number (Princeton Science Library) on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. e has ratings and 87 reviews. Tara said: e: The Story of a Number certainly lives up to its title!The book begins with an introduction to logarit. In this informal and engaging history, Eli Maor portrays the curious characters and the elegant mathematics that lie behind the number.

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Unlike pi, which has been known for thousands of years, and which was foundational to geometry, one tje Mathematics’ oldest branches, e has been around for a shorter period of time about yearsand deals with a bunch of things like irrationality, infinity and stuff that ancient mathematicians never liked to think much about.

Oct 05, Katia N rated s it was amazing. It’s written for the non-mathematician, no great depth of understanding needed to get the points here. Worth a read if you want to skip the actual maths for the historical and big picture stuff, and even more useful if you don’t mind ploughing through the maths for a deeper understanding. There were definitely parts where I had to stretch my brain back 20 years to high school and college calculus classes, but each of the formulas was pretty well explained, and I’d like to think you could come away from this book with some understanding even if you’d never taken any advanced math.

e: The Story of a Number : Eli Maor :

It is fascinating to see how the solutions we take for granted were discovered and how the various developments build upon each other. As the story goes, the Calculus were “discovered” in the 17th simultaneously by Newton in England and Leibniz on the continent.

The Journey of Man Spencer Wells. Jul 13, Bill Ward rated it really liked it Recommends it for: This books is certainly one of the best books on the history of Math, Mathematicians, and numbers. However the logarithm function came earlier and the exponential was just a way of inverting the logarithm and it was only accepted as a full-bred function later in history.


Skip to main content. Mar 16, Moctar Bebaha rated it it was amazing. This is as well extremely erudite and fascinating. I will only be giving it a cursory glance though. It is really a history of mathematics and science that spirals around e, which is exactly what the title would infer. This came only after calculus was introduced by Newton and Leibniz, Jacob Bernoulli linked compound interest and the exponential, and it became only fully explored by Euler, the master of them all.

e: the Story of a Number

Dispatched from the UK in 2 business days When will my order arrive? For instance, the last chapter looked at different types of numbers integers, rational versus irrational numbers, and algebraic versus transcendental numbers. It was as challenging as any math book I’ve ever read, and the tangents — either I’m too stupid to understand how the tangents tie into e, or they actually don’t tie into e.

Having said that, it stayed mainly on the right side of the line for me and I could skate over it without much impact in those places where the maths got a bit more technical than I wanted to bother with.

Ot acceptance of negative and complex numbers is another interesting story that Maor takes the opportunity to tell. Best thing about the book IMO is the appendix that offers proofs for the existence of the number in its earliest form i.

Negative numbers were known to Hindus, but were neglected by Europeans.

In the end, Maor’s story of e is an account of human activity in a world of patterns. Nov 26, Ben Pace rated it it was ok Shelves: Recognition Computing with Logarithms 3.


The writing style was sometimes a little dry, but I found the actual material fun and interesting. This is a paperback edition in the New Princeton Science Library of a classic. Louis are all intimately connected with the humber number e. Euler was a moar. Book ratings by Goodreads. Sounds daunting, but one can think of this number as a basis for measuring rate of change in many processes involving so called exponential growth the rate of growth is proportional to the current state of the system.

“e”: The Story of a Number – Eli Maor – Google Books

Book Description The interest earned on a bank account, the arrangement of seeds in a sunflower, and the shape of the Gateway Arch in St. I found this basically unreadable. In this informal and engaging history, Eli Maor portrays the curious characters and the elegant mathematics that lie behind the number.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. While the historical content of the book is certainly fascinating, it is not what I signed up for when I started reading. Feb 16, melydia rated it it was ok.

The story of [pi] has been told many times, both in scholarly works and in numbr books. Dec 22, Elijah Oyekunle rated it it was amazing Shelves: Designed for a reader with only a modest mathematical background, this biography brings out the central importance of e to mathematics and illuminates a golden era in the age of science.