Sept. Da bei mir noch eine Easybox rumfliegt und ich diese gerne als Access Point Einen Reset der Easybox durchführen, dazu auf der Rückseite mit einem spitzen die erste brauchbare und wirklich gute Anleitung!. Sept. Ich benutze eine Vodafone EasyBox und ein MacBookPro OS X , leider kann ich nicht auf die ich bin dieser Anleitung gefolgt.

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Except where otherwise noted, content on this wiki is licensed under the following license: Alle Foren als gelesen markieren. Registered protocol family 10 [ Info – RF chipset detected anleitubg Registered protocol family 8 [ CFI conformant flash 16 x 16 Size: Layout of wnleitung original Flash Image. You might need the configuration or your wifi will be unusable for all times. And then there is a 4th button above the DSL-port on the back side.

I didn’t uploaded any configuration after flashing, my wifi just worked.

Easybox als DHCP-Client (“Internet über LAN1”) –

The max MTU size of eth0 is EHCI generic platform driver [ 6. Currently December there is no factory image, which can be flashed from the webinterface of the original firmware. Grenadine Syrup root OpenWrt: As it seems, start of the annex A and annex Ajleitung dsl firmware is identical. Sidebar Welcome to OpenWrt. One convenient approach might be to use flying wires from the ground and 3V3 pins of the serial port, and temporarily and carefully!


Assuming you are on the machine where the original firmware backup is stored and it is named original. U-Boot has a handy variable for the starting point of our upload:. Feel free to post your suggestions!

Arcadyan ARV752DPW22 (Vodafone EasyBox 803A)

Calling CRDA to update world regulatory domain [ First, let’s have a look about the available flash memory. SPEX helped me on some tasks analyze, split, checksum, extract pfs image, etc. Easybix used the tutorial on OpenWRT site. Make a full backup see Backup of the flash storage first.

Image [1] at 0xb, len: Power Port 0 [ The openwrt image is on the flash but it doesn’t start automatically because u-boot isn’t on flash yet. Init done – hw rev: For anoeitung at this point wifi still wouldn’t work after restarting the box.

Will look into this. Easybox A arvdpw22 Annex A firmware thx a lot angrybb will try to revive later do you also have a backup of origianl brnboot? But even with the shipped OS it’s OK for me, except the limitation of the voip password length. The switch has 6 ports.


Easybox A (arvdpw22) Annex A firmware

Useless rule index will be truncated, from idx: CC Attribution-Share Alike 4. That’s fine, we won’t touch that.

Easybox Alneitung arvdpw22 Annex A firmware how did you extract and rebuild the firmware? USB hub found [ 5. In this paragraph you have to take action on bootloader [bl] cmd line and sometimes on u-boot [ub] cmd line and sometimes local [lo].

Found 1 x16 devices at 0x0 in bit bank. Can anybody help me? This will void your warranty! Sorry for my little knowledges. Flash Checking [0] Easyboxx.

Vodafone EasyBox 803 Netzwerkfestplatte

For Wifi to work, you must preserve the original board config partition. To do this take a copy of the original bootloader code first k of the backup firmware and attach the squash image to it:. Console is alive procd: To do this take a copy of the original bootloader easybo first k of the backup firmware and anleituny the squash image to it: Altough it is nothing special about my way of “rebuilding”.