Abu Hamza Thumali (r.a) was a close companion of Imam Sajjad (a.s) He has related that during the month of Ramadhan Imam Sajjad (a.s) used to spend a. Dua taught by Imam Ali Zaynul Abideen (pbuh) to Abu Hamza Thumali, who said that Imam used to recite it at the time of the beginning of the fast. the fast he recited the following dua’a. This Du„ā‟ has been recorded in the Read the invocation of Abū Hamza Thumālī as uttered by. Imam Sayyid as- Sājidīn.

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Praised and glorified You are, O’ Lord and Cherisher of the worlds.

O’ Acceptor of repentance! If a woman has pride she will not allow herself to be taken advantage of; if she is stingy she will guard her wealth and her spouse’s wealth; and if she is cowardly she will be cautious of everything that confronts her.

He recommended reading the supplication slowly and thinking about it as one reads. Forgive me and my parents and grant them mercy as they have raised me since I was youthful, reward their good deeds with bountifulness and aabu their sins with forgiveness.

I pray to You, O’ my master, with a tongue that has been paralyzed by its sin, O’ my Lord, I fhumali to You with abbu heart that has been doomed by its mischief; I pray to You, O’ my Lord, frightened but wishful, hopeful but fearful If I contemplate my sins, O’ my Lord, I become scared, but when I remember Your generosity I yearn, So, if You forgive, You are the most merciful and if You punish, You have not unjustly judged.

He died in the year A.

Dua Abu Hamza Thumali

This is the posture of the one who sought refuge through You and allied himself with Your generosity, and became accustomed to Your forbearance and favors, And You are the benevolent whose forgiveness is never strained, neither are Your bounties ever decreasing, nor is Your mercy ever lacking, And we have known with certainty of Your ancient pardon, great bountifulness and vast mercy, Would You, O’ Allah, ever disappoint our thoughts or let down our hopes?

O’ The Most bountiful who was ever wished! Therefore, it is possible that he was a companion hamzx Imam Kadhimalso. Guard me with Your safeguard, And protect me with Your protection, And ally me with Your alliance, And award me the ability to conduct pilgrimage to Your sacred house Ka’ba in this year and in every year, and to visit the tomb of Your avu and the Imams, peace be upon them, and do not deprive me, Oh Lord, from visiting these honorable sanctuaries and noble positions.

And I am wishful that my hope will not be disappointed, so fulfill my ambition and accept my prayer, O’ The Best who was ever prayed to! Shia prayers Salah terminology. I swear dka Your exalted might, O’ Master, that if You rebuked me, I would not depart from Your door, and I won’t cease to compliment You since I have indeed come to grasp the knowledge of Your generosity and benevolence, And You uda the doer of whatever You desire, You punish whomever You wish, with whatever You wish, and however You wish, and You bestow Your mercy on whomever You wish, with whatever You wish, and however You wish, You are never questioned about Your doings, neither is there any struggle in Your kingdom, nor is there any partnership in Your command, or conflict in Thumalli judgment, and no one can oppose You in Your disposition of affairs, To You belongs all of the creation and command, Indeed Allah, the Most Glorious, is the Cherisher and Sustainer of the worlds.


And return me not to an error You rescued me from tnumali, O’ the Lord and Cherisher of the thhumali Indeed Your generosity has expanded my hope in YouAnd your acceptance has led to the taking of my deed.

I cry for surrendering my life, I cry because of the darkness of my grave, I cry because of the narrowness of my grave, I cry for the questioning of Munkar and Nakeer of me the names of the two angels that question the dead after being laid in the gravesI cry from my leaving my grave in the hereafter naked, humiliated and carrying my book of deeds on my back, I look to the right once and to the left once and I discover that people today have other concern than mine, for every person that day has a concern of his own, some faces today are bright, laughing and joyful, while other faces that day are dusty, loaded with submission and humility.

Remove the adoration of worldliness from my heart, And unite me with Mustafa Muhammad: By using this site, you agree to the Ha,za of Use and Privacy Policy. Many scholars have written explanations for supplication of Abu Hamzah Thumali, including the following:. And what significance is our deeds compared with Your awards? I ask You to grant me a rewarding patience, a neighboring relief, a true affirmation, and a great reward; I ask You, O’ my Lord, for all the good whether I know dau it or not, I ask You, O’ my Dia, for the best of what have asked You Your righteous believers.

O’ the Thjmali of whom was ever aby We acknowledge that the below references for providing the original file containing the ‘The Holy Month abi Ramadan’. Render me loving of Thumaki meeting and love my meeting, And grant me in meeting You comfort, happiness and honor. You are more vast in bountifulness and greater in patience than to judge me according to my deed, or to stumble me with my sin.

It was said that Ali Zayn al-Abidin recited the supplication every evening or dawn during Ramadan. Politics and Governance in the Middle East. Ali al-Ridhathe eighth Imam of Shia, stated about him: Accept my prayer And renown my commemoration, And elevate my degree, And forgive my sin. hwmza

Dua Abu Hamza Thumali | Ahlul Bayt | Islam | Pinterest | Islam, Quran and Allah

Even if You tied me with the chains of hell, And You deprived me Your flowing stream of favors from between the witnesses of the day of JudgmentAnd You pointed out my scandals to the eyes of Your worshipers, And You ordered me to au, And You isolated me from the company of the faithfuls, I would not end my hope in You, and I would not dismiss my reassurance of Your pardon, and my love to You would not depart from my heart, I do not forget the helping hand You bestowed upon me, and Your protection of my secrets in life.

O’ Ancient in bountifulness! O’ The delight of the eye of who sought You for refuge and dedicated himself to You! O’ Creator of beauty! All Praise is for Allah whom I do not plead to anyone but Him, for xua I pleaded to others, they would not grant me. I swear with Your exalted might and majesty that if You reclaim my sins that I hwmza call upon Your mercy, and if You reclaim my meanness, I will call upon Your generosity, and if You forward me to the hell fire, I will inform its inmates about my adoration of You.


And O’ the One whom I hope! Forgive for the living or deceased of us, believers the present and the absent, our male and female, our young and old, our free and our slave, Indeed the antagonists of Allah lied and enormously wandered astray, and incurred a major loss.

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And if You were to not honor but the people of loyalty to You, then to whom the offenders would resort to? My knowledge, O’ my Master, is that which guides me to You and my love is my intercessor to You, and I am trusting abuu my evidence with Your guidance and comfortable of my intercessor with Your intercession. And truly traveling to You is short in duration, and You do not veil Yourself from Your creatures unless their own misdeeds would block them from You. This dua’a has been recorded in the book Misabh.

Audio Dua Abu Hamza Thumali. I am, my Master, seeking refuge through Your bountifulness, I am escaping from You to You, while anticipating Your promise to forgive those who possessed good convictions toward You. I ask You to grant me a faith that You endure my heart on, And a true certainty in believing so that I may ascertain that indeed nothing will happen to me except for what You have destined for me, And award me contentment in my presiving and circumstances with whatever You have apportioned for me, O’ the Most Merciful of the mercifuls.

Part of a series on Shia Islam. O’ One who is living and self-subsisting! If You cause me to enter the hell fire, it will be to the pleasure of Your enemy, But if You cause me to enter paradise, it will be to the pleasure of Your Prophet, And verily, Oh Allah, I know that the pleasure of Your Prophet is more favorable to You than the pleasure of Your enemy.

O’ Extender of both hands with mercy! And I depend upon You O’ Lord, to safeguard my self, my religion, my finances, and all of what You awarded me, from the evil of the cursed Satan; Indeed, You are the One who hears and knows all things.

Supplication of Abu Hamza al-Thumali – Wikipedia

For Your generosity, O’ Lord, is higher than punishing the delinquents, and I am seeking refuge with Your bountifulness, and I am escaping from You to You, and anticipating Your promise to pardon those who possessed good convictions about You. No never, O’ Most Generous! And what thuali the value of my tongue, O’ Lord, when it comes to thanking You?

O’ Greatest giver of all good!

All Praise is for Allah who dignified me by becoming the Disposer of my affairs, instead of making me rely on thumalli who then would humiliate me.