Dinky Dungeons is a bare-bones role-playing game published by “Doc’s Games – an Uncle Morty Production.” The game is very small in size and all contained. have been re-created with electronic text. The document includes: Dinky Dungeons Dinky Dungeons Character Sheets Dinky Dungeons Gamemaster Screen. Subject, Replies, Last Post. 14, An old review of Dinky Dungeons. by sos1 Wed Sep 2, am. 3. Sun Oct 3, am. by Cate

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The game is a wonder of conciseness. The combat system uses 2d6 – compare the attacker’s skill Physical Attribute if using weapons, Mental if using magic with the defender’s, and check the Combat table 7 or less succeeds if attributes are identical; other ratios have proportionaly higher or lower success thresholds.

Armor makes you harder to hit. No Web Links Found.

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Dinky Dungeons Dinky Games. Look for traps before you leap. Bold adventurers can now explore the Tower of Dark Sorcery. However, Small Space goes a bit too far in other rules – it loses the basic simplicity of Dinky Dungeons.

The errata sheet includes the missing notes for some of the monsters, some detail about combat that was overlooked, rules for healing, alternate experience rules, and a picture of a Fuzzy Winker whining. We’re also working on a Dinky Dungeons Facebook page so that players can chat and share media with each other. I couldn’t find a fan site for one of the best roleplaying games ever invented, so I decided to make one.

It’s so simple, so natural, that it actually works well, dibky with some tiny tweaking to make it more to your tastes. Dinky Dungeons Dinky Games. Jimmy was born in Texas, grew up nominally Protestant, but at age 20 experienced a profound conversion to Christ. Advice From The Grizzled Veteran: We changed this to making it more likely to succeed at a roll the higher your relevant stat – a trivial change.

The enumeration of this copyright-infringing product is not an endorsement of the product by this site. The game is so simple this is very easy to implement.


Dungeoms rulebook includes character creation, character classes and races, weapons, armor, and items to buy, two different systems of magic spells, action resolution, saving throws, combat, “skill rolls”, experience rules, and a monster list containing 37 creatures with stats, over half of them also having some note or other. There are three character classes: Hopefully no more spam.

I discovered it when I came across his pages on time travel theory. But the more he immersed himself in Scripture the more he found to support the Catholic faith, and in he entered the Catholic Church. There are no skill levels – you either have a skill or you don’t – not having it means you have a penalty on the Idea or Muscle roll – or in some cases, can’t even try the skill at all. More Information Edit History. Instead, the smarter characters can try more Idea rolls during a day, and the stronger ones can try more Muscle rolls during a day.

If you’ve never heard of Dinky Dungeons, you’re in for a real treat. I supported because… “Roleplaying games have brought so much unexpected joy into my life.

The idea behind Dinky Dungeons was that you got a whole role playing game in a single. Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki.

The gameplay is about as simple as can be – characters have two attributes “Physical” and “Mental” but they go pretty far with very little. Periodical Articles Podcast Episodes.

Dinky Dungeons had a number of additional supplements and even a Sci-Fi version. No Web Links Found. I supported because… “to name a few: Submit your idea – we’ll dinkh it on this site and give you full credit. Learn More Dinyk supported because… “Roleplaying games have brought so djngeons unexpected joy into my life.

But Dinky Dungeons is one of the few systems I would still use. The rulebook, a Game Master screen, an incomplete errata list, an adventure, a map and character sheets were all included in the baggie – with two 5mm dice rounding out the package The gameplay is about as simple as can be – characters have dingeons attributes “Physical” and “Mental” but they go pretty far with very little.


If you know of any other Dinky Dungeons related material, or have any to sell, please let me know!

They even have a great but stupid race called Fuzzy Winkers undesirable rodents that are just bad characters, period to add to the fun. You can then buy certain skills with those PP and MP – some skills require one or more MP, some require one or more PP, some require both, some require either.

It’s impressive for dungeon a small package. Space ship generation and combat rules, futuristic weapons, invention rules, alien races, planet generation, initiative rules, etc.


Dinky Dungeons!

Dinly it isn’t widely known, it had an impact on the rules development of other games. Skill rolls ddinky than combat or magic are either Idea rolls based on your Mental trait or Muscle rolls based on your Physical trait. The game was sold in a format that resulted in a tiny ruleboook that fit in tiny plastic bag with tiny dice.

This is a copyright-infringing, unauthorized reproduction of the core game and several components. Small Space Dinky Games.

Please select a support frequency. There are seven magic spells for Wizards and another six mostly different for Bards. Action Table table determines action outcomes Dice Primarily d6 Point Based allocate points to dunteons skills, powers, etc.

If your character is of one of these classes, you start with a number of magic spells equal to half your Mental attribute, and have Spell Points to cast the spells equal to your Mental attribute – Spell Points regenerate daily.

Dinky Submissions Have ideas for a Dinky Dragons rules addition, supplement or module?