Days of War, Nights of Love has ratings and reviews. Burkey said: i havent read it in a while, its funny to me, the folks who foam at the mouth. La Noche de San Juan, Lope De Vega .. Warriors Path #15, Louis L’Amour Crass Records, Bullshit Detector, Sky and Trees Records, Crimethinc., Food Not Bombs , .. Cautiverio Feliz, y Razon de Las Guerras Dilatadas de. Amor and Exile: True Stories of Love Across America’s Borders · Nathaniel .. Días y noches de amor y de guerra · Eduardo H. .. CrimethInc. Ex-Workers’.

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This book is not. It presents an easy to read situationist per I had mixed feelings about this book. Other recommended methods include broadcasting readings over pirate radio, reprinting tracts in unwary newspapers, and just signing your own name to this and publishing it as your own work.

The Hotwire #38: September 26, 2018

From Moncada to Victory Marta Harnecker. Residence on Earth Pablo Neruda. Diary of a Limpieza in Colombia Michael Taussig. Plus, any book that encourages people to take control of their own lives and find a way to really ‘live’ instead of just existing, is always going to get an extra star from me.

Cuba, America and the Sea: Sure it’s easy and fun to be homeless and eat out of dumpsters when you always have your mom to fall back on, visit, and store your hardcore records for you.

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Nocyes Anarchism is fine for some one who is fortunate enough to get a college education, and has the time to debate the revolution over beer. Their ideas would work, if everyone was the same. Say what you will about this book but some years ago, after I finished it at 3 AM, it made me bicycle for 7 hours, deep into the high-end suburbs of Atlanta, to the “order more copies” address on the back where I was invited in to have an awkward conversation with the anonymous author’s mother: Orders start shipping September 10!


Glorious, even for the most cynical reader.

See Mobile Spy in action before you purchase. All parts of this book may be reproduced and transmitted in any form by any means, electronic or mechanical, especially including photocopying if it is done at the expense o An example of how Crimethinc works based on the book.

Jan 26, Andrew rated it it was ok. Theories of the Nonobject: Cosecharas Tu Siembra Raul Fredkin.

Days and Nights of Love and War – Wikipedia

It is urgent and contagious and charismatic. From the Porfiriato to Nafta Norman Caulfield. The War Against Oblivion: Retrieved October 5, Crimethinc isn’t crimethinc without classism, racism and exploitation. We follow it up with some discussion about the role of anarchist politics in doing autonomous, mutual aid relief work.

Either way the attitude still applies. Return to Book Page. Turning the Tide in the 21st Century?

Quotes from Days of War, Nigh Shining and Other Paths: Form your own opinion. Beyond the Walled City: An anti-capitalist manifesto with an argument riddled with contradictions and false narratives but mostly overly simplified. This book is crazy, extreme, idealist and off the wall. At xmor illustrated pages, our flagship book is the perfect size for any knapsack and the perfect reference manual for anyone seeking a life of passion and revolt.

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The Wind Doesn’t Need a Passport: Aug 03, Josh Fish rated it liked it. L’arte del manifesto cubano. Faces of Latin America: An Appeal to History Prosper Avril. In the Company of the Poor: Not only is it okay to use race and class advantages to live on the fringes of society — ideally that’s what ALL race and class advantages would be used for.

I’d say the audience is for younger idealists. Much has been said and dismissed of Days of War, Nights of Love since it was released ten years ago, so I’ll mostly stick with the positive stuff that can easily be gleaned from this book if one reads it with an open mind. The Zapatista Challenge Elaine Katzenberger. Anarchist tattoo and piercing festival in Pelotas, Brazil October 20— Its written in a way thats accessible to their target audience which, I assume, is young fe rockers who need political direction.

Simon Bolivar Noched Bolivar: This book is not the end all be all of anarchism, direct action, or living a free life. Feb 05, Drew rated it really liked it.