In the introduction to his new book, “Destiny Disrupted,” San Francisco author Tamim Ansary tells a story about meeting illustrious British. Destiny Disrupted is not an academic history of the Islamic culture through the ages and Tamim Ansary doesn’t pretend to be to be Islamic Scholar. What Destiny. I’ve been wanting to read this book since around Forget, for a moment, that it wasn’t written until , and I only came across it at a.

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P For three years he and his band roamed the wilds, looking for a new kingdom: Islamic Perspectives’, what Ansary does is to provide a largely western liberal account of an eastern-centric history – it almost makes no difference that Ansary is ori I was patient with this book, in terms of trying to figure out when this ramim of ‘a history of the world through Islamic eyes’ would emerge, but it never did.

Turning to the news won’t help. Please try again later. There are weaknesses in this presentation, and if you have a deeper familiarity with the historical epochs Ansary visits you may find much to criticize in his approach. If you want to break out of that pattern, then this book is at least one such parallel story that you could investigate.

Destiny Disrupted : A History of the World Through Islamic Eyes

And even if that were not the case, it is the basis for one of the largest, most powerful and culturally rich empires in history, rivaling the Roman Empire. Panjang lebar penulis menulis tentang ini dan ada kalanya saya memang tidak bersetuju dengan sisi pandang penulis ansqry bab Syiah ini.

World history from the Islamic point of view, yes, but written very much with the Western reader in mind, which is fair enough, presumably Middle Worlders don’t need this kind of broadstroke overview. Events since then are too recent to recount as history. Ansary juga mengungkapkan benang merah yang membentuk ekspresi umat Islam pada saat ini, akibat dari tekanan-tekanan yang diterima sepanjang sejarah.


This was aneary the book I wanted to read, and I could tell from the very first chapter. From Slavery to Obesity. If you’d like a little more detail on the book, check anwary the review on my blog. This is unfortunate, since a nuanced understanding of these leaders and the revolutions or coups that toppled them is, I would argue, more important to a useful understanding of the current geopolitical landscape than an emperor or imam of centuries past.


Destiny Disrupted: A History of the World Through Islamic Eyes

PublicAffairsApr 28, – History – pages. What was once a close community composed of Arab tribesmen became a multiethnic Ansaey. But the book is more than just a litany of past events. What is more importantand what Ansary does very wellis presenting the internal logic of the Islamic world. But it was recited to us by Arabic instructors of varying levels of pedagogical ability and enthusiasm, and came from very dry textbooks.

History, at least when you’re talking about traditionally-taught mainstream history i. The Mongols, on the other desriny For such a broad and sweeping attempt to introduce the Islamic view of the world to readers unfamiliar with deshiny, it’s a perfect approach to engage while educating.

Tamim Ansary has been a major contributing writer to several history textbooks.

Destiny Disrupted : Tamim Ansary :

Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of I’m glad I read it because I wanted to see how Islam saw the world It begins before the emergence of Muhammad and Islam in the seventh century CE and ends with the decline of the Islamic empires in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

After all, the doctrinal nuances which agitated the Protestant Dsrupted are of no interest at all to the Islamic world, and so who actually cares if he gets them right? Ansary’s style is conversational and accessible, though he never dumbs down his content or talks down to the reader. I loved it in primary school, all the way through choosing to dig in more with graduate studies.

But Ansary’s book makes it clear that this misunderstands the history of the region.

The first few chapters about Muhammad and the four caliphates are the most straight forward, and it’s nice to be able to know not only their names but also have a sense of each one’s personality, unique governing disruptd, and personal philosophy. As he states in his introduction, his approach is less an academic tome and more a conversation about just what the heck is going on over there with Islam.

Ansary then does a diligent job highlighting the direction the Muslim community which at this point was still confined to the Arabian Peninsula and among Arab tribes went after Mohammad passed. Pembacaan dimulakan dan ternyata ianya begitu mengasyikkan. Instead we turn that part of our brain off and think “terrorist” or “evil”. Rise of the Secular Modernists.

Destiny Disrupted by Tamim Ansary

I love history and this is a nice beginner book to understanding the events by being able to see both sides. He also shows how the seeds of current conflict in the Middle East were sown not only by differing desting about the world but by the actions of the various world powers pursuing their own interests ususally to the detriment of disrupteed populations. This part was no new news from me, after reading it so many times from different context and different writers.


And this, in turn, is of enormous value in trying to understand the ways that ‘Islamic’ history and our ‘Western’ history have wandered into one another–Ansary uses the metaphor of two crowds of people, each going anary, crossing paths Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals.

I had no idea that so many secular modernist leaders rose up in the Middle East over the years, and Ansary captures the promise that these leaders held for the region.

In addition to publishing several essays and commentaries in the San Francisco ChronicleSalon and Alternethe has a monthly column on Encarta. This resentment led to occasional civil unrest. He clarifies why two great civilizations-Western and Muslim-grew up oblivious to each other, what happened when they intersected, and how the Islamic world was affected by its slow recognition that Europe-a place it long perceived as primitive-had somehow hijacked destiny.

The central geographical regions are Arabia and Persia, with the latter being the cultural and intellectual center of the desfiny for most of its history. Then the Roman Empire fell, plunging the World History, says Tamim Ansary in his introduction, is always the story about how we got to be where we are. Ansary introduces all the major empires, religious schisms, and so on, until the Western narrative collides with Islam, at first with the minor – as far as Islam hy concerned – detail of the Crusades – and then later in the 18th and 19th centuries as Western powers and greedy rulers slowly end up with foreigners calling the shots, openly or behind the scenes, in many major Islamic former powers.

Semuanya dirungkai oleh penulis dengan gaya penceritaan yang bersahaja, disulami fakta dan pandangan ulasan beliau sendiri.

Destiny Disrupted is now the book that I will recommend, but with an important caveat.