Answer: The Dake Bible was first published in and is the result of the work of a man named Finnis Jennings Dake (), a Pentecostal minister. Publisher of the Dake Annotated Reference Bible, God’s Plan for Man, Revelation Expounded, Bible Truths Unmasked, Other material authored by Finis J. Dake. Items 1 – 9 of 9 dake reference bible. KJV Dake Annotated Reference Bible, Large Print, Bonded leather, Black NKJV Dake Bible Imitation Leather Burgundy.

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Dake died of complications from Parkinson’s disease on July 7, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. On one hand, he states that salvation is by grace and not by works: He states that salvation is by grace through faith, but he also teaches that obedience and confession of sin are necessary to receive and maintain justification.

And just because God made male and female does not mean he is male and female. His attention to the biblical text results in many correct observations and interpretations; however, his overly simplistic, hyperliteral approach results in many incorrect interpretations as well as unorthodox and problematic doctrines in his theology.

Greek and Hebrew words and idioms are handled. Sin embargo, buble es solamente el n? Dake returned to his family and the Christian Assembly Church, who stood by his side and maintained his innocence during the ordeal.

American Assemblies of God pastors Evangelists births deaths Deaths from Parkinson’s disease Churches of God Christians American Pentecostals People convicted of violating the Mann Act American vible of the clergy with criminal convictions.

He concludes, therefore, that the Trinity is three separate and distinct beings, each with a body, soul, and spirit: Dake Bible Sales; Large Print editi Our app will finally give you the freedom to have your Dake Bible wherever you go and access to Rev. This page was last updated: Dake became a Christian at age Pages are in excellent condition.


A person can choose not to open a door to see who is knocking, but that does not mean that person lacks the power to do so. The incarnation, therefore, did not require Jesus to give up His divine nature or attributes. Dispensational issues are treated in a systematic fashion, along with hundreds of details of biblical prophecy.

Look of the downloaded Bible. If he commits the same sins again after conversion he will be charged with them again. Daakes Greek and Latin Creedsvol. This way you will have the Bible right at your finger tips. If all the characteristics that are ascribed to God in the Bible were taken literally, one would end up with an absurd view of God as having wings and feathers Ps. In other words, the Trinity is three persons three whos who are one being one what. Dake recognizes that ascribing literal birdlike or rocklike characteristics to God results in absurd conclusions; however, he does not recognize that ascribing literal humanlike characteristics to God results in absurd conclusions as well.


PC, Mac, Apple devices and Android devices. Dake first preached in and was ordained by the Assemblies of God denomination two years later at the age of Dake fails to clearly and consistently teach that salvation justification is by grace alone through faith alone apart from works — two of the central doctrines of the Protestant Reformation.

Their desire is ours as well and the reason for selecting the NKJV as the translation for this updated editi AD was written partly to defend the orthodox understanding of the Trinity against an error known as tritheismwhich says that the Trinity is three separate Gods. Philip Schaff ; repr. Dake’s Annotated Notes are at the end of book.

Well, if you’re looking for such a Bible, bookmark this page and read on! It’s what those tools do for you. Want to find out about our products, you can go directly to our store thru the app. KJV text and Dake Notes are 8.


Browse Related Browse Related. His aberrant teachings also include a salvation by grace plus works and a gospel of health and prosperity.

Dake Bibles

The 35, notes in the Dake Bible are considered by Christian theologians to be personal, rather than Biblically-based, commentary. Henry Thiessen, Lectures in Systematic Theologyrev. You will get the actual layout and real page turning affect like you are holding bjble printed copy in bkble hand. To can see a sample of the Bible Click Here. Has previous owner stamp as shown in photos on one page. These views have been rejected by the majority of the church throughout history.

If obeyed, they will bring rich rewards here and forever; if disobeyed they will bring condemnation and eternal punishment. By taking anthropomorphic passages literally, Dake has denied the historic Christian doctrine of God.

Dake Bible – Home of the Dake Annotated Reference Bible

All Hell cannot rob him of either blessing if one refuses to permit demon forces to defeat him. Why not now… in NKJV!

Here at Dake Publishing, we are blessed to have the opportunity to help spread God’s Word. The reason all are not healed is because they do not believe this truth and accept it as they do forgiveness of sins. Esta Biblia ofrece un mayor n?

What is the Dake Bible?

Bookmark our bookshelf in your browser or create a desktop shortcut. Therefore those who die physically due to lack of faith must also wind up in hell for the same reason. In other words, God minus even one of His attributes is not God.