Contaminación por polimetales en Arica. p. 1 / Embed or link this publication. Description. articulo 2. Popular Pages. p. 1. N°6 LA MANCOMUNAL • Páginas. Between , people living in Arica were involuntarily exposed .. de analizar la grave contaminación por plomo que afecta a miles de. B. The Arica Case: Toxic Wastes from Sweden and Mineral Concentrates from Bolivia. contaminación por plomo en Santiago. Rev Chil Pediatr –

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Lead intoxication resulted in lower animal weight and MTN elicited higher weight. Contaminated sites are a great concern for nearby populations due to the health effects of pollution Kah et al.

The results showed that 3. Morphometric parameters and heavy metal concentrations are shown in Table 1. A review of the evidence supporting melatonin’s role as an antioxidant.

Working solutions were prepared by dilution in 0. Table 2 Comparison of the intellectual quotients according to the birth cohorts. Melatonin is able to counteract these effects due to its antioxidative role.

Research has focused on measuring levels of exposure among the population Lisboa et al. The age of population ranged from 6 to 15 years. However, there is a higher level of precarious housing Prophylactic effect of melatonin on lead-induced inhibition of heme biosynthesis and deterioration of antioxidant systems in male rats. For comparison of the magnitude of heavy metals in C. Maternal intellectual quotient, Average SD. An additional antecedent in Arica is that the problem generated by the waste disposal site was initially invisible, and subsequently generated a political-environmental conflict involving various stakeholders: Duration of spermatogenesis in the mouse and timing of stages of the cycle of the seminiferous epithelium.

In our animal studies, both in rodents and also in Eisenia foetida, cell and genetic damage is due to the overproduction of reactive oxygen species ROS.

Contaminación por polimetales en Arica

Betweenpeople living in Arica were involuntarily exposed to metal-containing waste stored in the urban area. A community-based assessment of learning disabilities using environmental and contextual risk factors. Associations of blood lead, cadmium, and mercury with estimated glomerular filtration rate in the Korean general population: The difference between both groups was five times higher as compared to children of similar age and socioeconomic status in other cities of Chile.


Concentration of Lead in Liver, PbK: Researchers assumed that this group had the lowest exposure because the remediation actions were progressive and extended through the date of this research. No differences were observed between the cohorts in the total IQ of the mothers, birth position between siblings or other socioeconomic characteristics such as income and home ownership.

This review briefly considers the testicular damage elicited by environmental chemical pollution. Marine Pollution Bulletin 9: Int J Environ Health Res.

Contaminación de plomo en Arica by camilo Bastias on Prezi

Serum trace elements and heavy metals in polycystic ovary syndrome. All these events are caused by an excess of ROS, elicited by Pb toxicity. Journal of Coastal Research 6: Diazinon is a synfhetic pesticide widely used in agriculture, floriculture, and veterinary medicine. It should be kept in mind that the contrast between data from experimental studies and observational data in human exemplifies an important distinction in toxicology, that between hazard and risk. Recent developments in low-level lead exposure and intellectual impairment in children.

International Journal of Phytoremediation 15 5: Enteromorpha compressa Chlorophyta as a sentinel species. However, the high bioaccumulation of Cd-MT in the kidney causes nephrotoxic effects, affecting the proximal tubules Torra et al.

In that study, the difference in total IQ, considering the same age groups than children in our study was 0. Please review our privacy policy.

This porr could be related with a period of high potential for exposure to this contaminated site. The difference between organs may be related to the role of metallothionein. Other exposure variables such as the presence of smokers at home, the use of waste material on the household construction, time living in the same household since birth, and location of the house were registered in order to describe the residential characteristics of the children’s family.


One possible explanation is that lead is deposited in the bones rather than soft tissue replacing calcium of bone tissue Hoogesteijn et al. Influence of Phoxim on testicular and seminal vesicle organs, testosterone and cholinesterase level and its tissue residues in contaminaion rats.

El modelo extractivista chileno. The differentiation hypothesis and the Flynn effect. The lower levels of cognitive performance found among children 12 to 16 years of age coincides with have been born in the period of greatest exposure to the toxic waste disposal, the Pre-Remediation period.

Epiphytic bacteria in a copper-enriched environment in northern Chile. The sampling frame consisted of children. Total intelligence quotient, Average SD. Moreover, when comparing children between 12 and 16 years from Arica mainly children of low socioeconomic status with the total IQ observed nationwide including all socioeconomic levels the difference is close to cintaminacion points Table 3.

In kidney, ranged to 0. Circulating levels of metals are related to carotid atherosclerosis in elderly.

Contaminación De Polimetales: Niños De Plomo by David Sandoval on Prezi

Moderate lead exposure and elementary school end-of-grade examination performance. Arica, Chile Find articles by Pamela Zapata. Science of the Total Environment It is interesting to analyze from the perspective of the availability of these metals in the mining tailings, where lead 1. Therefore, it is unlikely that these variables are responsible for the observed variations in total IQ in the current study.