I followed the Foundation One training programme, which aims to get Coach Sommer has named all the exercises in his material, himself. Christopher Sommer’s amazing new courses, Foundation One and Handstand Foundation One and Handstand One are available at The bulk of their progress came before Foundation, using mostly their To expand on one of your points, “Coach” Sommer’s argument that.

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I had to eventually decided to choose one; the planche OR the front lever.

I don’t want to give the impression that I think he’s a total con artist. Your email address will not be published. I was following the program exactly as foubdation was presented.

I do not remember how I discovered GB. Most importantly, I paid attention to my body during the training and in between sessions to see how fast I could recover. But, if you want to get more reach, flexibility, sure, it will help but at what price over time?

I recognise that you dont want to get into an awkward position with guests but there are obvious alternate viewpoints that from your prior interviews you will know about so you could always pose in an amicable way cooach is there so much confusion around x. I am debating if I should also get the fundamentals package, since I am not sure if I will be able to do F1 without it?

Rice is my carbs Sleep is a big factor if you want to maximize training. You refer to the table, and you can see exactly how many sets and reps you need to complete and how far away you are from reaching Mastery level. He doesn’t own his ideas, or his programming scheme which is not good enough to copy, in sonmer fairnessor really even the exercises themselves Check it all out by clicking here.


BodyTree Gymnastic Fitness

People come to his seminars to learn to coach it. Second of all, people do not start with a 20 kg bar. V ups, tuck ups, tuck leg lifts, arch ups, curl ups, etc I read way faster than you talk speed- reading, anyone? Know the pieces of the puzzle, know your goals, find you shortcomings and work on them. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Another outstanding podcast Tim. Thank you again Harry for sharing your thoughts.

How I respond to training. Stu McGill would be great to have on the podcast. As for your question about starting from Week 1 everytime; no, I do not think this is necessary.

Uh, are you talking about Foundation?

Thanks for a great podcast, very inspired to try this out. My question is, with so many different from experts how do you choose which training modality best suits you?

Gymnastic exercises for strength

Alright man- Gymnaasticbodies sold. We need places to ask, hey I’m stuck here, any ideas. I do have some suggestions for future podcast. Having purchased the 8 week foundations, one key question I had was how regularly did you train? Best thing you can do for your body. And how many days a week is traing scheduled. It would be great if you both, Tim and Coach Sommer could comment on this.


There are too many ways to skin the training cat. Most using models that could only do tuck variations. No need to add weight until the pattern is correctly worn in, and the tissues have adapted… Like Like. When I first wrote this review back inGymnastic Bodies did not have any online programs it consisted of the book and an online forumand its primary purpose was to teach gymnastics. That is true but only if you apply the yang methods seen in gyms of fast heavy loads or high reps.

Maybe share what you and Tim have been working on. Now there are individuals who have a perfect balance of strength and mobility. Harry, First and foremost, thank you for this review!

The Secrets of Gymnastic Strength Training | The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss

He has obviously trained some excellent athletes. I don’t know anything about Christopher Sommer. Timothy Feris, sorry Like Like. And to be honest, the results in those videos speak for themselves.

How Gymnastic Bodies Compares to GMB

His website will be full of great info. Other people tend to think differently, and that leads to different programs which might work better. And btw I know that he has taken several exercises directly from people who were on the gymnasticbodied and attended seminars.