CHS NCII Reviewer – authorSTREAM Presentation. It is a two course training merge into one training. This course will help you prepare for TESDA CHS NCII Assessment Exam. COURSE DELIVERY: Instructor -led. through my experience, passing the TESDA NC II Computer Hardware Servicing Exam is not really difficult as long as you follow these.

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Most of the questions will be on troubleshooting but anything around the subject matter can be asked. It is a two course training merge into one training.

Reciewer have just installed Windows It is good post. You successfully install Windows Professional and you want to check your drives for errors.

After the successful upgrading to Windowswhat should you do with the temporary files generated during the setup process? In order to view it, please contact the author of the presentation. Before installation please visit the device manager tab — to view the hardware components device software installed or not. Which component should be replaced?


Assuming a user has access to the internet on a properly configure PC. Ensure that all Mounting Screws are properly secured since the examiner is very particular on this. What could be the options? Protocol, client and adapter You are enable file and printer sharing on your Windows 9X system.


Obstructed paper path Slide Connector joins cable to peripheral. Yuu November 22, at 6: Computer modular parts are being placed on the table and randomly, the examiner will pick a computer parts and it will presented to you and it will ask you to identify the parts and explain the function of it.

And install Windows to the second partition. What is the correct sequence to start Windows backup program?

CHS NCII Reviewer |authorSTREAM

Of the following, which is not valid backup hardware? Yes Can I Yes or No.

Diagnose fault or problem in the computer systems and networks in line with the standard operating procedure. What is the error? It is simple and best. Computer Hardware Identification — practically it is more on identifying computer parts and its function.

Install Windows 98 first. Practical exam — This is the most exiting part of the computer hardware servicing revjewer since it is more on hands-on exam or realistic. Peer to peer networking Sending and receiving electronic mail e-mail is a common benefit of the internet. Heat sink —component with fins that cools processor.


Then follow screen instruction. It is stored in a ROM chip on the motherboard. Which of the following is not the Windows key Boot file? The presentation is successfully added In Your Favorites. I am also a specialist in this topic so I can understand your hard work.

Computer Hardware Servicing: Computer Hardware Servicing NC II Assesment Free Reviewer

Cable Configurations and Networking. Connect the external part peripherals Switch on the computer system PC disassembly: Connect the external part peripherals Switch on the computer system. What is the third element required to configure a Windows system as a network client?