CHS NCII Reviewer – authorSTREAM Presentation. It is a two course training merge into one training. This course will help you prepare for TESDA CHS NCII Assessment Exam. COURSE DELIVERY: Instructor -led. through my experience, passing the TESDA NC II Computer Hardware Servicing Exam is not really difficult as long as you follow these.

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Also called main memory or primary storage. Printer installation For old printers such as dot matrix etc.


Read and follow instructions on the manual carefully. What is the third element required to configure a Windows system as a network client? You must now specify how security will be handled.

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Computer Hardware Servicing: Computer Hardware Servicing NC II Assesment Free Reviewer

Connect the power, switches and IDE connectors to the mother board. Stationary hard disk Slide Personal protective equipment are correctly used in accordance with organization OHS procedures and practices. After that, you will be instructed to install Windows Operating System particularly Server OS such as Windows or latest on the server unit. This Hands-On training teaches you everything you need to know to become an expert Technical Support Staff.

Choose start, click run and type cmd then press enter key. Map network Drive What type of back up involves selecting the files you want to back up as well as when you want rfviewer to backup?


Name at least two ways. Product Key Comes from the vendor or someone who give the OS. Computer modular parts are being placed on the table and randomly, the examiner will pick a computer parts and it cs presented to you and it will ask you to identify the parts and explain the function of it. Of the following, which is not valid backup hardware? Partitioning the Hard reveiwer drive: Your drive is partitioned, and Windows 98 is already installed.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Obstructed paper path Slide Derrick Ramos July 28, at 8: What is probably the problem? From my experience, when Jc2 took the exam last two years ago they also included older computers to be part of the exam. Component isolation RAM isolation Equipment isolation. Test computer systems and networks to ensure safe operation.

Partition your hard drive. Connect the power cord to the outlet then switch ON the printer. Wear safety glasses for protection against sparks and metal fragmented Use only grounded plugs and receptacles Working area should have ventilations, trash canfire exit and capable of being disinfect.

Open control panel, click administrative tool, click computer management and within the storage tab click disk defragmenter Slide A customer complains that his hard disk is making lots of noise. And install Windows to the second partition. Yes Interpret work instructions according to the job requirements.


What is an IP address? Creating and maintaining Active Directory objects Automate creation of Active Directory accounts create computer, user and group accounts scripts, import, migration ; offline domain join Maintain Active Directory accounts Manage computer accounts; configure group membership; account resets; local vs. Also called an expansion card.

TESDA Computer Hardware Servicing NCII with Exam (Fast Track) | CNCTC, Inc.

Once you have disassemble the computer please take note that before you disassemble the system unit you need to verify it first if it is working this will be an additional points to you… to continue you need to placed the dismantled parts on a safe placed with anti static plastic below it. Will, this is only a basic installation just reformat the unit and install specific hardware drivers.

It is good post. WordPress Embed Customize Embed. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Which Windows NT 4. Most of the questions will be on troubleshooting but anything around the subject matter can be asked.