The Bujagali Dam is the “best long-term solution” to help reverse Uganda’s power problem, according to the project’s director, Glenn Gaydar. Ugandan environmental and rural development organisations are asking for international support in their efforts to stop the construction of the Bujagali dam and. The once stalled Bujagali dam project is back for the second time on the project developer, Bujagali Energy Limited (BEL), is seeking financial support from.

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Building on that, BEL conducted further field studies and analyses, where needed. This resulted in a lot of suffering, especially for the vulnerable members of the community like the elderly and children.

Health centers were also not readily available to the people in the new place which affected their right to access basic medical care. Right to education and access to basic medical care. Location of Bujagali Power Station Placement on map is approximate. UPOV 91 and trade agreements: Project-affected people who had to be physically relocated from the construction site were given a choice between two types of compensation packages: The unravelling of President Buhari.

What happens in Uganda may set the course for World Bank energy policy. Skip to main content. Please send a polite letter to the president suppoft the World Bank Group. African Women’s Engagement in Trade Agreements. There were also considerable objections from environmentalists and other groups regarding the potential impact of the project as well as the management of the resettlement.

View the public impact framework scores What did and didn’t work All cases in our Public Impact Observatory bjuagali been evaluated for performance against the elements of our Public Impact Fundamentals. However, they each followed their own independent procedures for reviewing compliance.

The failure to resolve all legal issues prior to the commencement of project activities created uncertainty especially for those people who were involuntarily resettled. Its own reports show that after 50 years its top-down development schemes – aimed at alleviating poverty – have left the people of Africa poorer.


An earlier attempt by AES to construct the dam was partly hindered by allegations of corruption. Approximately 8, people about 1, households were affected by the construction of the dam either indirectly or directly. Unfortunately, this is not at all the case yet.

What information do you look for in Pambazuka News?

Negative effects have not been adequately taken into account by the World Bank. View the public impact framework scores. In Uganda, a coalition of organizations called the Save Bujagali Crusade and the National Association of Professional Environmentalists are urging government and Bank officials to put the Bujagali Professional Environmentalists are urging government and Bank officials to put the Bujagali project on hold in order to study alternatives.

The quality of the soil in the new place should have also been considered. To bring the buujagali of electricity to the rural poor, the coalition favors development of Uganda’s geothermal, solar and micro-hydro resources, as well as better management of the national grid which currently leaks over a quarter of energy produced. Wells are drilled into geothermal reservoirs to bring the hot water to the surface.

They claim the project will double electrical output, stimulate industrial development and bring electricity to Uganda’s poor. For future projects to produce the intended benefits, bujagalj should be made to reduce the time between planning and implementation stages by ensuring transparency and corruption free process.

This site uses cookies: Forwarded by Global Response. Buuagali sign up Sign up to stay updated on news about our meetings, our insights and our other activities. Globalizations Special Forum on Samir Amin’s proposal for a 5th international.

Human rights lessons from the Bujagali dam in Uganda

Whereas power bujagalj the dam would surge into the grid all at once providing more electricity than Uganda would be able to utilizegeothermal power can be brought online incrementally, as demand increases. These dzm were used to convince the locals to accept the project. All cases in our Public Impact Observatory have been evaluated for performance against the elements of suppoort Public Impact Fundamentals. Salini Impregilo was selected to be the lead contractor.


The Netherlands is one of the largest buyers of Brazilian agricultural products such as soy and beef, and should ensure that deforestation, land grabbing and human rights violations do not occur in these production chains.

We need and appreciate your support! The plant officially began commercial operation on 1 August Archived from the original PDF on 22 October Jubilee Investment Company [11]. However, it faced delays according to the project plan, so BEL appointed a witness NGO, Inter-Aid, to observe the resettlement and compensation process.

Bujagali Hydroelectric Power Station – Wikipedia

Illicit financial flows thwart human rights and development in Africa. Neighboring Kenya already produces 67 MW from geothermal resources and expects to produce MW by They were not given an opportunity to contribute to the drafting of the resettlement plans, but were rather only informed of the two available options.

But signing the treaty was in fact mainly a symbolic act which since then has had little if any effect in this buhagali. Local communities and activists who stand up against these problems are often threatened. The challenge of high expectations in Liberia. Supporh missed some of its major goals, and had serious repercussions on the environment and on surrounding communities:.