ENGAGEMENT DE PRISE EN CHARGE souscrit conformément à l’article 3bis de la loi du 15 décembre sur l’accès au territoire, le séjour, l’établissement. Proof of host’s financial means like: salary slips of the last three months, bank statements, income tax papers and Formal Obligation (annexe 3Bis/bijlage 3Bis) . A letter of guarantee (in the prescribed form “Annexe 3bis”/“Bijlage 3bis”) not older than 6 months with: o Copy of the guarantor’s 3 most recent salary sheets.

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Hi Cristina, You only need to buy a single-trip air ticket to Belgium. Passport which must be valid for at least 3 months from the date on which you intend to leave the SCHENGEN territory, or, in the case of multiple journeys, the date on which you intend to leave it for the last time, issued within the previous 10 years.

I bjjlage so stressed about it! You do not have to be a direct family member. By selling some of the assets you have on hand you are going to migrate anyway.

You do not need Annexe 3bis to study as this form has nothing to do with it. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of 3gis User Agreement and Privacy Policy. The applicants have to prove that they can take care of themselves financially for three months in Belgium. I also wondered how much money was considered enough to stay for more than 90 days? He should bijlagr at least 2 empty pages when applying for the visa. I think I did not show it to them because they did not ask for my return air ticket.

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Hi Dixiana, you do not have to prove that you have money for the first 3 months at all. Your visa is pending; bijlxge are waiting for decision?

Bijlage 3 bis/Annexe 3bis

It can be done by: Log in or sign up in seconds. Live in Belgium 12 July at 2: To be honest, I think that even without the Annexe bijlae, you will be able to go through the custom. If you choose to complete the English application form, it will be considered that you have no preference.

In such a case, please provide a copy of the marriage certificate.

Zo 12 July at 1: This document can be obtained from the relevant municipality in Belgium. So far, I have not read or heard much about people asking to show proof of their bank statement.

Don’t ask for, or give advice on or advertise stuff that is illegal under Belgian law. If necessary, you can show them you are self-sufficient. I would like to ask if I need a return ticket since the visa will be valid for only 3 months. I was a bit worried about this since I will most likely have to go through the immigration check-in Finland since that will be my stopover.

Please leave your name card, mobile telephone number and private email address. I stay in Auderghem and would like to invite my wife. I am a Singaporean.

⑥ Annexe/Bijlage 3bis: Pledge of Financial Support Formal Obligation Form

The passport should have been issued within the previous ten years and be valid at least 3 months after the intended date of departure from the Schengen territory or, 3bi the case of several visits, after the last intended date of departure.

So, you should expect around the same timeline.

News Service fee change 17 December Dear Applicants, Please be aware that from December 15th the new exchange rate is established by the Belgium Embassy.


The Annexe 32 form is a letter of guarantee for foreign students wishing to study in Belgium.

This letter of guarantee is valid form maximum 6 months. Do you get a card? If the bank account does not have enough money or does not look presentable in figures, pump up the figures of your bank at least four months before applying for a visa: Below could be your guide in making an gijlage letter.

Well, I have a good job here and some savings. Schengen application form Duly completed in German, Dutch, French or Englishdated and signed by the applicant in person. The application form must be completed in one of these 3 languages, or English.

The form is just an invitation letter for you to go to Belgium with a pledge of financial support from the other party. Breaking News Food Bijlahe in Antwerp: Hello, my name is MissSJ. Your dossier will be forwarded to the relevant Belgian authorities for decision. For family members or groups application form must be filled in for each individual.

Join me in discovering fascinating Belgium from the eyes of an expat. So until the paper gets stamped, the visa application can’t proceed, right? Bjilage visa section is open to the public on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9 till You cannot work with an Annexe 3bis.