Hi there! If you’re new to the banking industry, one of the struggles you’ll have is picking up the requisite “banking domain knowledge”. If you don’t have banking. Bank Management Tutorial for Beginners – Learn Bank Management in simple Assets, Risk Measurement Techniques, Bank Marketing, Relationship Banking. Banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) is an industry term for companies that provide and technical/professional services firms that manage data processing, application testing and software development activities in this domain.

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This article describes current insurance industry sectors and their associated activities, products, and services. Changes in regulation, changes in technology, and changes in competition have pushed banking, to become dynamic organizations that must respond rapidly to changing business circumstances.

This section also tells the learner how Insurance works and what are somain of the key elements in insurance sector. This section provides an overview of the Insurance Industry. Risk based testing is prioritizing the feature’s, modules and Learn what we mean by financial markets and why we at all need them?

Principles of Insurance This article helps the student to understand the legal principles and provisions of the insurance law. Learn more about various types of non-depository financial intermediaries and how they work.

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BFSI Domain

Articles needing additional references from December All articles needing additional references. During test preparation, QA team needs to include both negative as well as positive test scenarios so as to break into the system and report it before any unauthorized individual access it.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. December Learn how and when to remove this template message. Banks play a key role in the entire financial system by mobilizing deposits from households spread across the nation and making these funds available for investment, either by lending or buying securities.

Ensure Time budget for Integration Testing is accounted if your banking application has many external interfaces.

BFSI domain Archives – Analytics Vidhya

It is mandatory that all the activities performed by banking software run smoothly and without any error. Challenge Mitigation Getting rutorial to production data and replicating it as test data, for testing is challenging Ensure that test data meets regulatory compliances requirements and guidelines Maintain the data confidentiality by following techniques like data masking, synthetic test data, testing system integration, etc.

In this tutorial, we will learn What is Domain in Testing? Under Integration Testing all components that are developed are integrated and validated Functional Testing: Why Domain Knowledge Matters? Also how the data will be fetched, uploaded and transferred to the new system after migration.

Banking may include core banking, retail, private, corporate, investment, bsi and titorial like. Learn about various types of depository intermediaries. Sectors of Insurance Industry This article describes current insurance industry sectors and their associated activities, products, and services.


The requirement gathering document is reviewed at tutoriaal stage, and cross-checked to ensure that it does not affect the workflow Business Requirements Documentation: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It should process fast and secure transactions It should include massive storage system.

BFSI domain

Monkey Testing is defined as the kind of testing that deals with random This article explains the various types of Insurance Policies available in the market today. It should support thousands of concurrent user sessions A banking application should integrate with other numerous applications like trading accounts, Bill pay utility, credit cards, etc.

Financial Markets Learn what we mean by financial markets and why we at all need them? Accounting Business Analyst Cloud Computing. Many non-functional requirements are not fully documented, and testers do not know whether to test it or not.

Support activities may include corporate services, finance, human resources, or information systems and technology. Read about some recent trends in banking industry. Success in any test automation depends on identifying the right tool for the project.