Werkstofftechnik. Von WOLFGANG BERGMANN. Teil 1: Grundlagen (ISBN 3‐ ‐‐3); Teil 2: Anwendung (ISBN 3‐‐‐6). München/Wien: Carl . Buy Werkstofftechnik 1: Grundlagen by Wolfgang Bergmann (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on. Werkstofftechnik 1 by Wolfgang Bergmann, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Lecture Introduction to material engineering Foundations of material processing and application Material properties and their testing Influence of material manufacture on the properties werkstofftcehnik components Thermal treatment of metallic materials back.

Effect of welding parameters on residual stresses in dissimilar joint of stainless steel to carbon steel. Crack propagation behavior of solution annealed austenitic high interstitial steels. Design werkstofftechnkk a tribocorrosion bioreactor for the analysis of immune cell response to in-situ generated wear products.

Foundations of Material Engineering 1 (distance learning)

The lecture and practical classes are offered in every academic year. Personal Competence Social Competence The students are able to work out results in groups and document them, provide appropriate feedback and handle feedback on werkstoffyechnik own performance constructively.


The Effects of heat balance on the void formation within Marage processed by selective laser melting.

Lubricants, Materials, and Lubrication Engineering Proc. Characterization of CoCrMo particles generated under different sli ding wear conditions. Significance of Tribocorrosion in Biomedical Applications: Metall 11 S. Fatigue9th Int. Aedificio Publishers, Freiburg, Germany S. Forstschritte in der Metallographie. Finite element modeling of the effect of heat input on residual stresses in dissimilar joints International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology doi Nanotribology of Metal-on-Metal Hip Replacement.

International Journal of Minerals, Metallurgy and Materials in print. Powder Metallurgy v 41 n 2 S. Materials and Corrosion 52, S.

Technical Application of Laser Surface Treatment. Friction, Wear and Wear Protection A. Interfaces5, S.

Werkstofftechnik 1 : Wolfgang Bergmann :

Fatigue and endurance of coronary stents. VolumeWarrendale, PA,V Jahrestagung der DGZfP, Investigation on stick phenomena in metal-on-metal hip joints after resting periods. Lecture Introduction to material engineering Foundations of material processing and application Material properties and their testing Influence of material manufacture on the properties of components Thermal treatment of metallic materials.


Microstructure of tribologically induced nanolayers produced at ultra-low wear rates. Wear, S. Webmaster06 Aug Metallographie 39 S.

Journal of Biomechanics, Volume 39, Supplement 1, WearS. Residual Stresses in Coronary Stents. Most important for… Prospective Students Students. Surface and Coatings Technology C Advanced Materials Research Vols. Fatigue of Austenitic High Interstitial Steels: Kardiol, Band 90, Heft 4 S.


The content of the lectures consultation and self study will be deepened with 8 practical classes which are distributed over the winter and summer semesters. Capabilities After passing this module the students should have the ability to: JuniGothenburg, Sweden. bregmann

The role of wear particles under multidirectional sliding wear, Wear Lubricants 6 34, doi: Written exam Workload in Hours: Course material is provided via OPAL.

Evaluation of the effect of wleding parameters on the residual stresses in dissimilar welding of high strength steels. Frontiers in Tribology Proc.