Book review: Jean Baudrillard Pataphysics London: Institute of Pataphysics and Atlas Press. By JOSEPH NECHVATAL, AUG. The cultural philosopher. ‘Pataphysics or pataphysics (French: pataphysique) is a difficult to define literary trope invented .. The philosopher Jean Baudrillard is often described as a pataphysician and identified as such for some part of his life. American writer Pablo. JEAN BAUDRILLARD. PATAPHYSICS OF YEAR TRANSLATED BY CHARLES DUDAS. ORIGINALLY, L’ILLUSION DE LA FIN: OU LA GREVE.

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His current projects involve paataphysics a theoretical media hauntology combining, translation, collage, theoretical cut-up eclectic voice phenomenology as well as a Pataphysical exploration into the state beyond theory.

I wonder if the dispersal of theory has to do with the collapse of Marxist dogma and its parties. If the Master refuses his pupils there can baudrollard two responses. Views Read Edit View history. Then there was the Canadian scene, around the Krokers, which began C-Theory.

Undeniably, pataphyscis a comic example of self-imposed rarity in the age of virtuality can be infuriating – but that would be taking this project way too seriously. He has spent the last 8 years on a nomadic path, living in diverse cultural backdrops such as Sweden, France, and Senegal.

The rules of the pataphysical game are far more dastardly than any other.

Jean Baudrillard Pataphysics

With Jean dead, an era seems to end. Likewise, his development of the concepts of simulation and hyperreality and his remarks on the mass media world of The Matrix, on technology and postmodern science have been subjected to rigorous analysis and debate.


A Religion in the Making ” “. He is a member of the editorial board of CTheory. Queen Mob’s Tea House. We could read it as an arrogant gesture which I would never do in the case of Baudrillard.

This is the first draft of my text published at the International Journal of Baudrillard Studies: Each one is a creator.

Archived from the original on 12 July A practitioner of Pataphysics is a pataphysician or a pataphysicist. I imagine there were others. Baudrillard has resolved this dilemma always in a magnificent way. But Artaud, who thinks as such, thinks that from this brandished sex of nothingness can one day spring forth a true sperm, only from a caricatural existence can a theatre of cruelty surge forth, that is to say, a real virulence.


Or else, as many modern sociologists have discovered when faced with his major works such as Symbolic Exchange and DeathSimulacra and Simulations and, most recently, The Intelligence of Evil Or The Lucidity Pactthere is serious danger of an apoplectic reaction.

If theory disconnects itself from the Future Project and dedicates itself to The Complex Now, it will first of all have to confront itself with the Speed Divide.

Select pieces from the artist Marcel Duchamp [45] and the composer John Cage [46] characterize this. Artists like Peter Callas and Robyn Stacey absorbed him.

Yes, seduction is key, firstly the seduction of readers, but more generally, also, the seduction of the world. Only when consciously referring to Jarry’s science itself should the word ‘ pataphysics carry the apostrophe. Pataphysics is the science of that which is superinduced upon metaphysics, whether within or beyond the latter’s limitations, extending as far beyond metaphysics as the latter extends beyond physics. What a rare and valuable commodity – if one dances to that sort of consensus trance.


The anecdote would usually seem to show how some aspect of life has been falsified. We’re floating today in the junk of decades of listening devices: How do read his book The Symbolic Exchange and Death and related remarks on the death revolt at the moment when the author himself passes on?

He proves that we are an intestinal complication of the lord and of the limbs, that when he has farted, and you see yourself, it shall be resolved, everything will be in order. Retrieved 6 June I suggest from his very beginnings with the circa text Pataphysics. Donations are tax deductible to the extent of the law.

Retrieved 7 May Fiction is not up to this task, maybe because our world is too weird, too many layers that one has to be at least a James Joyce clone in order to be credible.

patxphysics He convinced every one of nothingness and constipation. The end of politics, truth, reality and all that. It is the real itself that failed us.

Must one kill oneself to prove it? Backwards, in that most already know, considerably well, his mid-career and late oeuvre, but poorly, if at all, such early formative texts.