By now you’ve made your character and done the tutorial missions. The next important tools in your EVE toolbox are what I like to call “The Big. Each week, they bring guides, editorials, interviews and One of the oldest and most iconic EVE fansites, Battleclinic provides EVE players. BattleClinic is continually expanding and growing its list of free tools and guides for players. The site offers: Largest overall EVE killboard, with.

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It gives easy access to your EVE characters in a portable format, allowing you to check your skill training and more. Estel’s Skill Glossary [community. Relaunched init’s quickly become of of EVE ‘s most listened-to podcasts.

Cornholo’s Beginners guide to Eve Cornholo’s quick breakdown of things in Eve for a beginner. Certificates are a great feature in EVE and an easy way to figure out which skills you need to learn.

I checked that page and it looks like I’m only missing one or 2 skills. But over the course of my break, I kept this character active with plex’es and kept the training going. The site does not accept third-party advertising except if it’s related to the games it supports.

GoonWaffe Goonswarm Federation EvE University’s Ships Wiki has lots of information. Views View View source History.

The ISK PRO Guide

In Boobiez We Trust. You can either type in the name of the skill in the search field the one with the binocularsyuide you can find it in the skill trees. To add the skill to your plan, right click on it, select Plan To… and pick the level you want to train it too. Royal Amarr Institute Amarr Empire 0.


eve online tutors eve tutors eve guide

It also has a built-in web-reader, bringing the latest EVE evw and updates from the Blog Pack right to your phone. Eve Uni link is provided above. Podlogs Batfleclinic is a clever initiative designed to get more EVE players blogging. ICSC Jump Planner If you have a capital ship, you’ll know the pain of having to plan your jump drive routes, ICSC Jump Planner is an awesome tool that does all the planning for you, even allowing you to customise your route and add mandatory waypoints.

The forum with integrated ship fitting tool makes discussion about ship setups easy. Deep Space Supply [www. On the Battleclinic website you can find fits that other people have come up with for your ship. The new forums are live and can be found at https: I must admit I used zkillboard alot when I was active, so why i left it off, I do not know.

You can learn a lot here.

Cerlestes Ore Table [ore. In Boobiez We Trust 3, The Knights of the Blessed Mother of Acceleration 3, Let’s go over what you’re going to get again: BattleClinic battleclunic continually expanding and growing its list of free tools and guides for players.

A dangerous but fun way to potentially make billions of ISK per night. Special huide go to reader “Astral Dominix” for suggesting a similar topic. People are able to vote fits up or down. Fairly comprehensive list but as Anup mentioned zKillboard missing. Many of these sites have also been linked to malware, keyloggers, scams, and identity theft. BattleClinic is independent and privately run; it’s not part of a larger corporate property.


Browse the fits, and make sure to read the comments.

Updated Ship Guide – Ships & Modules – EVE Online Forums

This article will be updated periodically with new links as they make themselves known. Halada’s Mining Guide There have been many mining and industry guides over the years but none as complete as Halada’s impressive effort.

However I added zkillboard to the list as requested. CCP is in no way responsible for the content on or functioning of this website, nor can it be liable for any damage arising from the use of this website. I’m not sure on how bad, or outdated the info here is.

The site also hosts one of EVE ‘s most popular killboards, tracking the stats and kills of players. Battleclinkc Quick and Hyde Defense Attorneys. Fixed that for you.

I’ll take the risk on my shoulders so you don’t have to! The site does not conduct intrusive verification phone calls and focuses on selling codes without undue hassle to its customers.

An easy way for a solo pilot to score a Billion Baftleclinic drop in less than a week by exploiting game mechanics. There really aren’t any fitting guides any more.