Magical Thinking, Augusten Burroughs’s collection of true stories, is outrageous, hilarious and a touching tribute to his partner, says Kim Bunce. A psychological term, “magical thinking” describes the belief that one exerts more influence over events than one actually does. Burroughs. John Leland reviews book Magical Thinking: True Stories by Augusten Burroughs (M).

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Apr 14, Jennifer Stec rated it it was amazing.

I couldn’t help but remember all of Bill Mahical anti-advertising people bits when reading this. It just made me feel betrayed lol, and annoyed. Nov 01, Allie rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Burroughs would be better if he’d at least admit he’s a bitchy gay man instead of trying to tack on “But everybody is okay” drivel messages at the end of his bitchiness.

I’d rather read my thimking crap. If you think David Sedaris’ stories are funny, then you’ll really explode with laughter when you read this collection from Augesten Burroughs. I’m really enjoying this book!

Mar 16, Sue Smith rated it liked it Shelves: In this book, Burroughs makes fun of people with Down’s Syndrome. Later in life, Burroughs has a brief fling with another priest, who guides him mgical alcoholic recovery. The child then gets scolded for crying. One of my favorites is Author Augusten Burroughs has hit a home run again in this funny, sometimes acerbic collection of true anecdotes that reveals the dark thoughts we all sometimes have, and then carries them out to their seemingly insane conclusions Any qugusten author would have instantly auguxten that some straight chapters of Dennis after all the good stories regardless of the somewhat chronological order of the chapters made no sense.


This book is funny. He’s a nasty man I chose not to spend any more time with after the first 7 or 8 chapters. Anyone who thinkinb read Running with Scissors or Dry knows this already. A psychological term, “magical thinking” describes the belief that one exerts more influence over events than one actually does.

I love this collection of essays. This is my fifth book by Burroughs. But this augussten contains two people, and the other one is unfit. Burroughs is not Sedaris. Partly I was fascinated by these stories because Burroughs is basically the anti-me. But his face, when he sees that he’s done this–where are my keys?

Want to Read saving…. This, inevitably, leads Burroughs to reflect on his own unfitness for parenthood: He really allows you into his mind and even though he’s still got his edge, he’s a bit vulnerable and more of a human being.

A solid collection of humorous stories, with a smattering of heartfelt and touching stories to boot. He knows that he is read mostly by gay guys and he is not ashamed that he gets fan mails with gay guys sending him pictures of their penis.

Every other story was perfect, moving, and humorous. It was way too detailed, and involved bleach, pesticide, scalding water. I require hours alone each day to write about myself. I get magical thinking actually. And Sellevision stands as Burroughs’s only published novel. Burroughs is pretty damn funny when he’s not being an ass. It doesn’t get five stars because Burroughs is amusing but not endearing. I laughed out loud a lot. Even when we fight we fight inside a container of good.

The good news is that in the end He’s not just not like me, he’s not like anybody I come in regular contact with or know well. I’ve had to stop trying to look for cracks and flaws to prove that it’s not as good as it seems.


Review: Magical Thinking by Augusten Burroughs | Books | The Guardian

True stories that give voice to the thoughts we all have but dare not mention. He told a couple of stories about those encounters and I just laughed out loud this morning. So I decided to give Magical Thinking a chance because Burroughs was going back to his strength, and because rather than a full-length memoir, Magical Thinking is a series of short snippets of his A few years ago I read Running with Scissors and found it over-the-top but tolerable.

Burroughs magiical to think he could break his mother’s back by stepping on sidewalk cracks.


I can only deal with a collection of short stories when they’re about the same person; and in this case the main character of each story is the author, Augusten Burroughs. And in this forum, shouldn’t this comment be allowed to stand? I’ve done lots of things in odd orders. It was a long wait, and the lobby was packed with all kinds of cranky people maigcal their unruly kids. Then I came home and took my magifal chops out of the package and seasoned them, the whole time knowing damn well that I had no clean pan that I was willing to cook said pork chops on.

The only reason I finished Magical Thinking was that I needed something to occupy my time in the bathroom. Just like me baking dessert before making dinner. Then I read the sequel Dry and thought it was okay. Guess it’s the poorest man’s David Sedaris: