So while on my journey I have come across Athlean Xero which When it comes to purchasing workout programs,you could always do what. The Athlean Xero program is the best bodyweight program that requires no equipment! Yes, you read that right! The program does not even. Okay, I just finished Xero and thought I would drop a few lines about it for those who haven’t tried it yet and are curious. Peter Cummings to ATHLEAN-X The great thing about these workouts is that they are so dynamic that you have to .

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Really the only time you sit still is if there is a long straight, and even then, that straight goes by pretty quick at over MPH.

So I’m very excited for that 90 day trial. Traditional bodyweight programs may have you dancing in front of your TV, but the XERO workouts are no joke and can be followed on your mobile device, tablet, computer OR even printed out…allowing you to do your workouts anywhere, anytime.

This is one of the more inspiring posts regarding the rr but there are tons on here: I noticed the difference and I already had a 6 pack thanks to Jeff. Furthermore, my posture improved significantly. There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just sub-optimal if your goal is to get stronger or bigger.

I lost about 3 or 4 pounds, which was not woroout, but I don’t think any of it was muscle. Originally Posted by GreekPowerOf I was wondering if any of the people that have done the Athlean Xero program or are in the midst of doing it, could shed athlsan light on soem questions I have before buying it: I have done several rounds of AX-1 and AX-2, which was starting to get a bit stale and I was getting bored, so xero came along at the right time.


Then I really needed the help to get me back onto training but the right way. Features never before seen exercises! Here is just a few of the workouts and challenges that await you!

ATHLEAN XERO | Bodyweight Workout that Builds Serious Muscle | ATHLEAN-X

I guess you haven’t progressed to full dips then. Make sure your technique is good, though, because bad form can put undue stress on the knee. We know how you feel; lots of bodyweight programs are nothing but pushup variations and under-challenging repetitive exercises. It’s still challenging especially now that I’m 11 lbs heavier.

While you’re working on that, you can try bulgarian split squats, step ups and lunges. It’s a phenomenal program. I couldn’t really find any information on the website. On the other hand, you will rarely find a bodyweight program like this. As I went through the program, my shoulder stopped clicking.


I think Jeff is a smart guy and a fantastic marketer. Before buying the program, I was training without a routine. Most PT’s I know will make the same exercise recommendations. I thought this was something I wor,out just going to coast through but it was actually, surprisingly really tough.


Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Thanks again Best Regards. Leaning forward is often an issue with ankle or hip mobility.

Only you can answer that question, but be warned, you will need to answer to not only yourelf, but The Punisher! The great thing about these workouts is that they are so dynamic that you have to fire your core on every rep of every exercise.

Athlean Xero is different from other programs in several ways. Now do that for 30 minutes solid and tell me you don’t need wotkout and endurance. He does some back workouts sans pull-up bar in this video. Workoht has a few other videos that make weird claims like this.

Athlean Xeroworth it?? – Forums

That was a beautiful Program. Sections of this page. However, I have noticed he is out of his depth when it comes to talking about gymnastics.

Can’t really fault him for that. This guy is not my favorite. I can see you have never ridden a bike fast on track. I chose this program because I thought it would be better suited for a well rounded functional body which certainly did achieve its goal.

Instead, he asserts that bodyweight training does not mean inferior training.