ASTM E() – Standard Test Methods for Determining Average Grain Size Using Semiautomati. Purchase your copy of ASTM E – 97() as a PDF download or hard copy directly from the official BSI Shop. All BSI British Standards. The ASTM Designation: E–97 requires five hundred data points for a given sample and this analysis is time-consuming and tedious for the.

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Your comments will receive careful consideration at a meeting of the responsible technical committee, which you may attend. It should be recognized that slight differences in grain size ratings may be obtained asm different methods because different aspects of the grain structure are being assessed.

Either semiautomatic or automatic image analysis devices may be utilized to perform the measurements. For such work, follow the counting rules described in Test Methods E The square root of the pooled variance is the pooled standard deviation. aetm

ASTM E1382 – 97(2015)

If the test line should intersect a junction between four grains, which occurs rarely, count this intersection twice, that is, as 2 intersections.

However, because it is difficult to combine these standard deviations, the simplest procedure would be to calculate lai for each?

The operator should evaluate the precision and accuracy of such methods on specimens carefully evaluated by one or more of the recommended methods before utilizing an alternate method or procedure. Aand by surface using the planimetric method to determine N? The grain structure was measured on each? Image editing cannot be performed reliably.

ASTM E()_图文_百度文库

For this measurement, the standard deviation of the area fraction or axtm fraction of the a phase and the Nai values should be determined. Repeat this process for a number of features in the image. If directed test lines were used on one, two or three planes, determine the mean of the measurements and any desired anisotropy ratios. Similar results can be obtained using alkaline sodium picrate, boiling or electrolytically.


Unmounted specimens generally should have a surface ast, much larger than required for measurement to facilitate leveling, if automatic image analysis is to be utilized, as described in L data and Eq A1. For example, if the number of counts for the?

Determine the average enlargement factor of the measured features and multiply this value by the awtm Enlargements are easiest to use. Table 4 lists the values of t as a function of n or N. Adjust the stage movement so that the interface between adjacent specimens is avoided, that is, is not in the? Divide each area, Ai, by the magni? Graphical data may be produced with either a printer or plotter, as desired.

The grain structure is too poorly revealed for successful image editing. Last previous edition approved in as E — 97 There are a number of missing grain boundaries that must be added before measurement.

ASTM International takes no position respecting the validity of any patent rights asserted in connection with any item mentioned in this standard. However, the presence of an equiaxed grain structure in a wrought specimen can only be determined by examination of a plane of polish parallel to the deformation axis.

Sampling location and frequency should be based upon agreements between manufacturers and users. For this example, we obtain 2.

Most digitizing tables have software programs established for such computations. Only whole grains should be in the test area. Digital correction methods for nonuniform illumination may be used subsequently; however, these methods should not be used in lieu of proper microscope alignment and adjustment.


Originally approved in Alternatively, the three mean lineal intercept lengths can be normalized divide each by the value of the smallest and the results expressed as ratios, as shown below.

Precision and Bias If the degree of grain elongation is of interest, measure the average chord length parallel and perpendicular to the deformation direction in the same manner as described in If the histogram reveals a duplex condition, calculate s for the intercepts within each region of the distribution curve. Consequently, the imaging system must be kept clean.

A large number of measurements over several? Although any size circle can be used, as long as the circle is larger than the largest grain in the? In the case of round bars, radial longitudinal and transverse surfaces are employed. NOTE 2—There are other procedures for dealing with grains that intersect the test area border. Such images exhibit grain contrast or color differences between grains rather than grain boundary delineation.

The measurement area, Ati, is then determined by combining the grain boundary and grain interior images, if the number of grains per unit area is to be determined. With an inverted-type microscope, simply place the specimen face down on the stage plate and hold it in place with the stage clamps.

These features must be eliminated from the image before automatic image analysis is conducted.