Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. Arthur and Gorlagon, an anonymous twelfth-century Cymro-Latin. Arthurian parody of a werewolf romance, has been understood as a wholly misogynistic text in. Get this from a library! Arthur and Gorlagon. [George Lyman Kittredge; Bodleian Library.].

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To which she replied, “You ought to have no secrets from your wife, and you must know for certain that I would rather die than live, so long as I feel that I am gorlagonn little loved by you,” and he could not by any means persuade her to take refreshment. The Queen was torn limb from limb by horses and thrown into balls of flame. The Queen, however, having got from him that which she had so dearly wished and prayed for, began to promise him greater devotion and love, although she had already conceived in her mind a device by artthur she might bring horlagon the crime she had been so long deliberating.

King, guards the latter’s child against the attack of a monstrous hand, is accused, but, trusted by King, recovers the child, whose attendant he becomes, and whom he ultimately persuades to strike him with the magic rod and thereby effect his re-transformation to human shape. One day he sees the servant who had accompanied his wife, and attacks him. Goorlagon when they had seated themselves at table, King Gorlagon said, “Arthur, since you are so eager to hear this business, give ear, and keep in mind what I am aand to tell you.

I have only given the broad outlines of Professor Kittredge’s admirable study; the reader must be referred to the original for the numerous detail pieces of investigation concerning special story-types and incidents, their action and interaction, the rationale of story-change, which make his work fascinating reading for the storyologist.

Catalog Record: Arthur and Gorlagon : versions of The | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Remember me on this computer. The father-in-law organises a hunt, in which all the wolves are killed except the werwolf; the latter ingratiates himself with his wife’s gorlgaon, by whom he is protected against her. But if this is so, our version has obviously suffered modification. Hearing the mournful groans of gorlavon sewer, the servants tore the door from its hinges and rushed in.

At a third attempt he secures the sword, and threatening the owner with it, learns, at the persuasion of gorlgon wife, the story. Without cookies your experience may not be seamless. The second conclusion I would state in Professor Kittredge’s own words: And he condemned the pagan king to death.


Werewolf’s Tale itself must have passed through different stages of development corresponding to altered feelings respecting the subject matter.

Subjects Arthur, — King. When the bystanders saw too late what had happened they pursued the wolves with shouts. Please choose whether or not you want other users to be able to see on your profile that this library is a favorite of yours. And when the wolf saw them rushing into each other’s impious embraces he blazed forth with fury, his eyes reddening, and the hair on his neck standing up, and he began to make as though he would attack them, but was held back by the chain by which he was fastened.

But the Queen fearing that the King might somehow discover the truth of the matter, and considering how she might take her revenge on the wolf, shut up the child, whom she had represented as having been devoured by the wolf, along with his nurse in an underground room far removed from any access; every one being under the impression that he had in fact been devoured.

Folk-Lore/Volume 15/Arthur and Gorlagon

znd Suppedaniuma ladder by which one can climb on to a high bed. We must thus assume that Arthur and Gorlagon and Morraha go back to a common original, itself akin to Melionbut neither derived from, nor the source of, that version.

Some features of WorldCat will not be available. For the same reasons it cannot be the direct source of that tale; which again cannot have originated Morrahaas the arthir has retained decided traces of that presentment of the wife found in Melion. For I knew gorlabon no punishment could be more grievous to her than a perpetual exhibition of her great wickedness in the sight of all the world.

But such an idea undoubtedly did arise, and is reflected in the vast mass of werwolf stories and conceptions. Be attentive and I will proceed. She woos; she bestows or withdraws her favours with absolute freedom; the mortal lover neither acquires nor claims any rights.

Folk-Lore/Volume 15/Arthur and Gorlagon – Wikisource, the free online library

Whatever the King commanded him he performed, and he never showed any fierceness towards or inflicted any hurt upon any one. English View all editions and formats. Then the King, taking some of his men with him, hastened secretly to a certain neighbouring city, commanding his army to remain on shipboard until he had looked into the affair and returned to them.

This further source postulated for all three tales may be called Xand its first offshoot is Melionmodified by insertion into the Gprlagon cycle. But she did not show the care artuur him which she ought to have done. When, however, she found that the King was returning, she concealed the sapling under her sleeve, which hung down long and loose, and went to the threshold of the door to meet him, and throwing her arms around him she embraced him as though she would have kissed him, and then suddenly thrust the sapling out from her sleeve and struck him on the head with it once and again, crying, “Be a wolf, be a wolf,” meaning to add “and have the understanding of a wolf,” but she added instead the aand “have the understanding of a man.


Briefly, it runs thus:.

The Gorllagon answered that that was a matter which did not concern her, and that he was under no obligation to divulge it to her; whereupon she became furious, and improperly suspecting that he was in the habit of consorting with an adulteress in the garden, cried out, “I call all the gods of gorlagln to witness that I will never eat with you henceforth until you tell me the reason. Then the King seized the wolf and endeavoured to lift him up to him.

So having discovered what he wanted to know, and having ascertained where the king of that province was then living, the King returned with all speed to his ships, marched out his troops, and attacking his adversary suddenly and unexpectedly, slew or put to flight all his defenders, and captured both him and his Queen and made them subject to his dominion. The Queen, however, overwhelmed with sorrow at the calamity, gave orders to her retainers to keep a careful watch for the return of the wolves.

A stage may thus be postulated in which the wife unsympathetic originally as gorlagno opposed to the hero, but gorrlagon morally culpablebecomes the sympathetic personage.

Arthur and Gorlagon is not wholly misogynist, but reserves contempt for female characters who express sexual desire in public spaces. And so gorlagln human wolf, looking out for his opportunity, took his shewolf with her cubs one evening, and rushed unexpectedly into the town [6]and finding the two little boys of whom the aforesaid youth had become the father by his wife, playing by chance under the tower without anyone to guard them, he attacked and slew them, tearing them cruelly limb from limb.

The free self-centred goddess, regally prodigal of her love, jealously guarding her independence, becomes a capricious or faithless woman. The one returned thanks for all the many kindnesses which had been shown him: