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But I cannot complain too much on the subject because, once I started reading the second book, I was hooked and couldn’t put my kindle down. He followed Ivy around, trying to make contact with her or tried to get her to see him, but found out he couldn’t. The book gives very little details about settings and characters. They have exactly one outside interest each: Kissed By An Angle is a good read for all of you who jump into the mysteries, murders, and somewhat magical events, kind of book.

It’s a great love story and I honestly think that the story should stop here. He is the strong and loving male lead that falls deep for Ivy, and refuses to stop loving her even after death. I hate that Ivy had that chance. So the plot was excellent it was just presented very poorly. This book caused me physical anguish just trying to get through it!

PaperbackCollector’s Editionpages. Tristan tries this in many ways by trying to talk through her best friend Beth and a secret admirer Will. View all 3 comments.

The ending is one of the best ending ever October 5, 83 45 Oct 07, Ivy and Tristan’s mission is to find out who caused their accident. I really enjoyed it and now I’m going quite happily to book number 4, Evercrossed, and planning to purchase 5, Everlasting, when it comes out.


Until one day, and a beautiful day at that, it smacked her right in the face.

Apr 06, Trinity Earle rated it did not like it. He gave her one final look then saw a light beckoning for him to elizabet to the light, and Tristan knew it was for him, welcoming it as he walked forward towards the light. You were meant for somebody else.

SeduccionEntreLibros: Saga Kissed By an Angel – Elizabeth Chandler

An angelic romantic suspense trilogy in one volume! It just seemed to unbelievable elizaheth words especially when she vowed only a few days prior that she would only love Tristan the rest of her life and she didn’t want to love anyone else, and now magically she loved Will all of sudden because now Tristan’s not there anymore. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Kissed by an Angel 1 4 12 Oct 31, Our main character, Ivy, starts out at a new school in the middle almsa her junior year of high school.

Kissed by an Angel/The Power of Love/Soulmates

Eventually she did open herself up, and finally they connect once again and were able to speak to one another. This story draws you in and makes you feel!

Will also seemed to like Ivy too, which made Tristan jealous, but knew that was the way that he could get inside of him and control him, and also tried Beth and Philip to try and warn Ivy once again. But he insisted and that she must despite even more protests from her, and even tried to get her geemelas promise that she would love again, but still she eliazbeth it. Someone set them up. I wlizabeth much hate Suzanne, and Gregory’s actions often made me feel physically sick to the stomach view spoiler [kissing Ivy And wish he actually knew that Lacey actually in love w Spoilers!!!


At the moment gemslas the authorvshould have zeroed in on the love between them she focused Ivy more on Gregory. So, basically throughout the whole first book Tristan was trying to get up the courage to ask her out, but seemed to be rebuffed the whole time, and at one point decided to give up.

Absolutely amazed with this book. Just another author chanxler to jump on the “Twilight” band wagon. And that was the end of book two.

This edition has book 1, 2 and 3 of the Kissed by an Angel series in.

Kissed by an Angel 6 books. Why did she kiss him, anyway? So, through Tristan’s point of view, the reader saw that Gregory was going to drug Ivy with the drugs he acquired that day. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t terrible, and at times it was sweet and romantic, but I just thought it dragged a bit too much for me.

I devoured this book.

I didn’t feel the love. But explained it all, saying that he did that so he could set Gregory up and put him in jail for what he did to Ivy, and before he could hurt her even more.