The Albin Counter-Gambit, as suggested by its name, is employed by the black pieces. Any gambit is an initial sacrifice offered normally by. I play the Albin-Counter Gambit. Just getting that straight. If you guys see any way to destruct the Albin-Counter Gambit, go ahead. This is the Albin-Counter. The Albin Countergambit is not to be feared, particularly. White does quite well after the simple 3. dxe5. My chess database of master games.

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I’m in love with Albin: Maintaining a closed position Well, considering White aggressively played 1. The opening is an uncommon defense to the Queen’s Gambit.

You lose that nice pawn on d4, but I think the damage is done at that point. On the other hand, in times where most people don’t care about a precise use of the language apart from the grammar police! Trent informs us that the DVD has quite lengthy analysis, longer than in previous video series on openings he has made, because in this case, he is proving the soundness of the lines he proposes, with an accurate analysis bulletproofed by engines.

One of the most famous traps I’ve ever seen. From the black perspective, 2Nf3 is a passion killer. I’ve played a few times with black. What I mean here is ” praxis ” an ancient Greek word which symbolizes the idea of practising.

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Albin Countergambit – Wikipedia

Though it is not played frequently at the master level, Russian grandmaster Alexander Morozevich has recently made some successful use of it. How to blunt the Albin Counter Gambit?

The viewer may not show it but White wins both. Black is always countet to have a ‘get out of jail free’ card as long as Queens are on the board.

Albin Countergambit

Nh6 instead and we have a real slugfest in the works. Are you talking about move 4, or do you play 4. Nf3 Nc6 It yields a generally fun time for White. I can understand that with your style you wont like the orthodox queens coumter but there are many openings that offer dynamic play while at the same time being sound.

Backing waaaay up now, I’d choose a different xounter that 5. Stockfish didn’t have a problem with I’ll present the last games to amuse us – I have no more time for running the engine or providing b-player analysis.

Couldn’t find anything in this vambit with that idea. No homework for me lol. I would seriously doubt any coach who suggest a basicly unsound but perhaps playable opening like the Albins counter gambit to someone who has to learn the fundaments of chess openings first. Oct 13, 9.

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My two engines don’t see eye to eye on this one, either. So temper everything I say regarding what is and isn’t playable. Henris does give 5, Nd2 an entire section.

I think it gives the albin player a taste of his own medicine. Ok so this exf6 line is the one I’ll consider most likely to countrr in a game. In any of the games we play, a master could win either side on any move as long as the game isn’t blatantly lost.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Chess Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled. I think it’s very well played. Bg4 and Chapter Therefore g3 after Nf3 seems good to me. Black has very little chances of active counterplay and white is playing for 2 results. The Albin Counter-Gambit, as suggested by its name, is employed by the black pieces.

Albin Counter-Gambit –

At least this week I will look up the line we considered as ‘critical’ a couple of weeks ago and report back to headquarters. The quiz section is made up of 15 video clips, with feedback.

Oct 12, 4. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.