Michael Abrash’s Graphics Programming Black Book (Special Edition) [Michael Abrash] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. No one has done . Graphics Programming Black Book Special Edition has 65 ratings and 3 reviews. — Includes everything that master Abrash has ever written about optimizati. Michael Abrash’s classic Graphics Programming Black Book is a compilation of Michael’s writings on assembly language and graphics.

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Quake’s Hidden-Surface Removal 0. The problem here is not that there are necessarily more wait states per access in highgraphics modes that varies from adapter to adapter and mode to mode. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Thanks to the decidedly quirky nature of the x86 family CPUs, assembly language differs fundamentally from other languages, and is undeniably harder to work with. What does all this have to do with programming? Sorted Spans in Action 0.

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As a result, you should follow the rules of thumb described here—and then time your code to see how fast it really is. The price for this ease of implementation is a considerable loss of efficiency in transforming source code into machine language. Click here to find out. Does anybody have a mirror? He had assumed that the information available to him was both correct and complete.

Michael Abrash’s Graphics Programming Black Book, Special Edition

Due to the book’s length, we’ve made each chapter available separately. A second approach is modification of ZTimerReport to place the result at some safe location in memory, such as an unused portion of the BIOS data area. Linked Lists and Unintended Challenges 2. On the other hand, there is certainly no guarantee that code performance as measured by the Zen timer will be the same on compatible computers as on genuine IBM machines, or that either absolute or relative code performance will be similar even on different IBM models; in fact, quite the opposite is true.


An instruction that encounters wait states runs exactly as if there were no wait states, only slower. I moved via the byte-by-byte approach, and the overhead of driving back and forth made for miserable performance. Consequently, the time taken for display memory to complete an read or write access is often longer than the time taken for system memory to complete an access, even if the lucks into hitting a free display memory access just as it avrash available, again as shown in Figure 4.

On the original based IBM PC, timer 1 of the blakc chip is programmed at power-up to generate a signal once abrahs 72 cycles, or once every An assembler is nothing more than a tool to let you design machine-language programs without having to think in hexadecimal codes.

Book Description Michael Abrash’s Graphics Programming Black Book is a collection of the author’s previous books on assembly language bblack graphics programming, as well as past columns for Dr. Each timer channel of the can operate in any of six modes. No matter balck demanding master 1 gets, however, its needs must always be met—otherwise the quality of the picture on the screen would suffer.

There are a couple of interesting aspects to the last example.

Graphics Programming Black Book | Dr Dobb’s

Where do we begin? You abrasg also learn to look at your programming problems from a variety of perspectives so that you can put those fast instructions to work in the most effective ways. David did all his coding in Pascal, pointing out that while an assembly language version would probably be faster, his Pascal utility worked properly and was fast enough for him.

At the time I didn’t understand much of it but I remember the evolution of him optimizing Boyer Moore string search left quite an impact. The key to optimizing C programs with assembly language is, as always, writing good assembly language code, but with an added twist. When the topic of optimizing came up in one of the BIX conferences, Terje’s program was mentioned, and he posted the following message: The type of graphics programming that people were doing before Windows and DirectX.


It would be convenient to load the entire file into memory and then sum the bytes in one loop. That heater would eventually have heated the room to degrees, too—along about the first of June or so. Mike proceeds to do what he does best– optimize the word count program into assembly and explain along the way in an easy going, highly articulate way.

If not handled properly, the transformation that takes place between conception and implementation can reduce performance tremendously; for example, a programmer who implements a routine to search a list ofsorted items with a linear rather than binary search will end up with a disappointingly slow program. This gives us another reason to reboot at the end of each code-timing session.

Zen of Graphics Programming, 2nd Edition: Everything we have discussed and will discuss —even DMA accesses—can be affected by wait states. Share your thoughts with other customers. Truth to abfash, I didn’t expect a three-times speedup; around two abgash was what I had in mind. The proper test would, of course, have been to run the code to see if snow resulted, since the only true measure of code performance is observing it in action.

Occasionally, however, we will need to time longer intervals. Master 2 is less important than master 1, since the CPU affects display quality only indirectly. By accessing one of the addresses every A word of caution, however: Dynamic RAM refresh and wait states—our next topics—together form the lowest level at which the hardware of the PC affects code performance.